Organizing Events for Children’s Uniting

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On Sunday, I gathered all of my fourth-graders who I teach English and we went outdoors. Today’s event was devoted to the children’s spending time with each other … so that later, while studying English in their small groups of five, they quarreled with each other less. So, today we through games were establishing friendly atmosphere and mutual understanding deeper. Well, a little bit of English was added to our Sunday, too – we played “12 Notes” in English. But today not only the children came … but their mothers and … even some fathers wanted to spend time in nature, too. And at today’s meeting (which ended with sausages and bread on the grill) there also were three dogs 🙂

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Music and Painting Combined Together in Action

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Yesterday I conducted a work-shop “The Influence of Music and Painting on the Inner State and Personal Development” for adults and children in one of the music schools in our city. I told the parents about how music and painting are used in the modern world to relieve stress, what kind of music is considered healing, how one can use music and painting in daily life to relieve tension and bring our inner state into balance. The parents were also told about the influence of color on a person’s state, about how one can learn the real internal state by color and how one can be driven into a state of calmness or, on the contrary, dynamics through color.

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Children’s Upbringing through planting oaks

On April 21, the children gathered sprouted acorns in the forest. They brought them home and almost forgot about them, but … we didn’t give them a chance to do it.

As they had collected living plants, they should be aware of responsibility. On April 22, My daughter and I went to the forest for the soil. It was raining that day but the more fun it was.



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It Is Your Choice

It’s amazing how everything in nature struggles for survival. As if striving for something positive is originally built in: surviving in any case.


And what about the man? A wise man once said, “Our destiny is in our mind. Two people react to the same situation in different ways: someone will quit and stop trying and the other will smile and see a lesson from God in it. Our life is predetermined in some way but our freedom is in how to react to it – so thus creating our present we also create our future… There are always a few moments between the stimulus and the reaction, within which we are free to choose our reaction.”


PS It has been long since I wrote here last! Many things have happened in my life hopefully making me more mature. And I am starting writing again. Suprisingly, just on the day of my birthday! It is so nice to meet all of you here, on the pages of this blog, again!


In Russian: Удивительно, как все в природе борется за выживание. Как будто изначально заложена установка на позитив: выжить любым способом. А человек? Один мудрец как-то сказал: “Наша судьба заключена в нашем уме. На одну и ту же ситуацию два человека реагируют по-разному. Кто-то поникнет и перестанет стараться, а другой улыбнется и увидит в этом урок Бога. Многие события в нашей жизни предопределены, но наша свобода заключается в том, как реагировать на это – создавая свое настоящее, мы творим свое будущее. Между стимулом и реакцией всегда есть несколько мгновений, внутри которых мы свободны выбрать свою реакцию”.

Nature vs Humans

When in most parts of Russia it is still snowing (though it is already May 12) and the bloggers, one by one, are writing how tired they are from the 7-month winter, we are happy to enjoy flowers in the forest living in 900 km from the capital. Frankly, I have not expected there can be such a great variety of flowers in the forest just at the beginning of May!


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Just My Bike and Me

There are periods in life when nothing goes as has been planned. Meetings cancel, results are not gained, replies are delayed… And at this time the bridge to frustration is quite short…

Today in the morning something in me did not want to give in and persistently continued looking for positive things in what life suggested. And I did what I had been longing for… Took my bike and went to the river… Wouldn’t be possible if not for the unexpected changes in my daily timetable.

The view is absolutely awesome. A deeply blue colour of the water has obviously soaked the indigo tinge of the sky. A loud intensity of the small curly waves of the Volga chains your attention. The sand is being combed by the piercing wind and it is really dazzling because of the too bright sun. And there is nobody. Not a soul… And you just sit down on the so-far-not-very-warm sand and feel completely peaceful – just yourself in the nature.

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