Illusions and Reality


Sky above Russia, photo by the Author

Many lives ago we came onto this Earth for a long journey with the purpose to know ourselves. Hundreds, thousands times we returned here to develop this or that aspect of ourselves. Isn’t it time now to remember the Reality where we have come from?

The only and ultimate reality is God. We came into this world, we were separated from the Whole to learn from our own experience that there is God in each of us, He is within us in the form of our Spirit, and as soon as we have understood it, as soon as we have acknowledged it we will meet the Creator, we will return to the Reality.

The Reality is possible to understand through its antipode – though illusion. And though the whole world where we live is a big Illusion (the antipode of Reality), there is also Reality in it and our purpose is to reveal and manifest it. The main task of the Man is to become Reality in Illusion, to find God within and thus on the Earth. But the farther the man is from God in his consciousness, the greater Illusion he finds himself in.

Mind drives Man into unnatural conditions and then makes him get out from them with sufferings and heroism. Very often we see what we believe in. In this case we find tons of “evidences” for the existence of the phantom perception.

Sometimes ago we thought that the Earth was the center of the Universe and the Sun traveled around our planet. Our views were so strong that all we thought was the reality of our world. There were only a few of those who thought otherwise. But they were not heard but burnt on fires instead. Some time (two-three centuries is not a long period in the world history) passed and mankind turned to another outlook. All people started to think that the Earth is round and a part of the big sidereal sky. But there is something more behind this idea, too… Modern knowledge of the man, quantum physics, substance structure, the issue of time, etc are also illusions though more real than those which existed in the previous centuries :).

Medicine and many other sciences dwell in deep illusion regarding the man as a combination of flesh, bones and nerves. And many suggest different ways to improve this “soup kit” by training muscles, adding better quality to it with the help of various spices and vitamins. It is a great illusion to think that it is better to be meat of the first category than of the third. There are so many people in our world who are running, swimming, making their muscles bigger but problems do not become fewer. And if so many people made a step towards unity and oneness of the body and soul, i.e. towards Reality, the Earth would be different.

A soldier going to “liberate” another people is in illusion. Another soldier who defends his country from the first soldier is also in illusion. They both live in illusion and therefore kill each other. The more reality a person lives in the less possibility there is that somebody would have a desire to seize his house, belongings and life and the less desire he himself would have to occupy another person’s place of living or/and to “liberate” somebody.

People who consider material things the meaning of their lives (even though they collect them not for themselves but for their children, for instance) also live in illusion. And being in the illusion of constant needs they participate in the race with obstacles for the whole life losing health, love, joy for the sake of the phantom prize and having reached the end of life they realize that they have been running after illusive values.

There are lots of illusions in life. Each person meets hundreds of illusions on his life path and constantly gives birth to illusions himself. That is why it often happens: whatever a person does, whatever good intentions he has relying on an illusion he gets a worse result than he has expected. As the saying goes, one wanted the better but it turned out the same as usual. And when the man looks at the illusion from inside another illusion each of his conclusions will be illusive and the result – “as usual”.

But when a person knows that we live in illusion he, at least, can use the Illusion for what it is meant – as an instrument to gain experience. And then it will be easier for him to realize that all his life situations are built in accordance with one and the only purpose – his inner development.


Thought for the day: “It is all myth that upsets you. Just throw it away!Shri Mataji


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