A Parable about Seeds

Jesus Christ
Jesus told such a parable about God’s Kingdom:

When seeds are planted on the field, not all the seeds grow in the same way. It happens to seeds like this: some seeds turn out on the road and birds come and peck them up; there are also such seeds which appear on the stony ground and these seeds, though grow through, do not live long: they have nothing to put down their roots into and the sprouts soon become dry; there are such seeds which fall into wild grass and the wild grass takes over them. And there are also such seeds which turn to fall into good ground and they grow up and bring 30 and 60 seeds from 1 seed.

There are also people who do not take God’s Kingdom into their hearts, temptations of flesh come to them and steal what has been planted – these are the seeds on the road. The seeds on the stony ground mean people who first acknowledge the teaching with joy but then, when offenses and persecution because of the teaching come, reject it.

The seeds in the wild grass mean people who have understood the meaning of God’s Kingdom but worldly routine and greediness for wealth take over the meaning of the teaching in them. The seeds on a good ground are those who understood the meaning of God’ Kingdom and realized it in his/her heart – these people give much fruit. Thus, those who have managed to keep what is given to them are given much and those who haven’t managed are taken the last they have. Therefore, try to enter God’s Kingdom using all your efforts. Do not grudge anything, just try to enter it.

You should do like the man who, when he learnt where a great treasure is hidden, sold everything that he had and bought the piece of land where the treasure was buried and became a rich man. You do the same.

Remember that a little effort towards God’s Kingdom gives much fruit: the same as a high tree grows from a small seed.

Any person can enter God’s Kingdom just with his own efforts because God’s Kingdom is within.

(Mt. 13, 3 – 8, 12, 19 – 23, 31, 32, 44 – 46; Lk. 16, 16)

Christ’s Teaching Told for Children, by Leo Tolstoy
Translation by the Author

Thought for the day: God’s Kingdom is within (Jesus Christ).


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