Attention to Positive Things

Musical Evening in England, May 2006

Musical Evening in England, May 2006, photo by the Author 

One of the doctors in the Health Sahaja Center in Belapur, India said:

“You should not pay so much attention to your illnesses, catches at chakras. We are not these chakras and channels, we are the Pure Spirit. Your priority should be your pure desire of the connection with the Divine. Connection with it not to solve your own problems (material, with health, etc.) but to be its channel, to merge with your own spirit. Only then, when the highlights of your desires are set correctly, all the diseases, all the negativity will leave your chakras and, consequently, your body”.

Last year we heard the same idea from our English friend, a sahaja yogi, Prakash:

When we start putting our attention to such things as “I have a problem here and there”, “negativity attacks this chakra and that one”, we, actually, tear ourselves off from the Divine. Each of us is the reflection of God. It means that we initially have all His Divine Qualities within us (as it is said in the Bible “God has created us according in His won image”) . He looks at us like in a mirror but when we turn our attention to catches, the mirror becomes dull and He does not see Himself in it. Instead of it, when we feel problems, we should turn our attention to positive and joyful things and, doing so, balance ourselves. We’re simply afraid to step onto a higher level”.

I fully realized the mechanism of how it works when I started treating my teeth (yes, I know, it sounds quite trivial 🙂 ). During several hours after you leave the dentist with a half-numb mouth there is a feeling that everything aches in the mouth. It is quite natural to suppose where all your attention is put to – to the pain. Perhaps, you have had a chance to meet people suffering from toothache. Their mood is not very joyful…

As I have visited the dentist not once, I have paid attention to a very interesting pattern: fixing our attention at pain we are automatically moving to the left (i.e. left energy channel, Ida Nadi, responsible for our past, recollections, emotions and, in the extreme cases, depression and laziness) and as soon as we find ourselves there all other kinds of negativity (evidently living there) come to life, too: negative memories, pity for yourself, etc. And when we appear there – it is the end of Joy, connection with the Spirit, and the beginning of Illusion. The way how to drive oneself out of it is the following: turn your attention to joyful things, control your thoughts throwing away each negative thought mercilessly (it is uneasy laborious work but thanks to it we grow!).

What pain is in reality you can read here.

One more method to fight negativity within is to concentrate on the present moment and simultaneously relax your mind from thoughts – just watch what is happening in the world not being involved into it. One thing is to know what one should do, to know that one should be in meditation and keep attention in Sahasrara for the whole day and another thing is to do it.

I will tell you about one of my own experiences. Once late in the evening we were leaving our village house for the city. There were almost no lights in the windows of other houses – the village inhabitants were sleeping. It was wet, windy and cloudy. And there was fear within me. It was not the fear of something or somebody specific: I feared something that was awaiting us in the future (though there wasn’t anything really). Now it is quite funny for me to write about it but it wasn’t funny then, though I could see myself from aside (like a mere witness) very well but couldn’t do anything. When you are not in the centre (i.e. not in balance, not in the Central channel, Sushumna Nadi) something happens to memory (as if some parts of it are blocked): you cannot remember the things that you know by heart (for example, the Lord’s Prayer), actually you even forget what you should do to drive yourself from such conditions. But I remembered the most appropriate way out: all the thoughts away, the past does not exist anymore, the future has not come yet. And it worked out (though I had to “fight thoughts” not once). And each time when you set the state of silence within (Turiya in Sanskrit) such bliss overflows your body! Only for the sake of this bliss one wants to be “now and here” more and more often!

Thought for the day: “Live in the present! There is no past any more, the future has not come yet. We are making the future with our present” (Chinese Wisdom).


3 thoughts on “Attention to Positive Things

  1. Great! I saw this post in my tag surfer right now and thought – wow, who is writing about this?…
    Great to meet you this way in the ocean of blogging!

  2. hala

    Thank you very much for your wonderful wisdoms!!!!!!!!!!!

    when we are physically alone in Lebanon, we need those enlightened words that give us more strength and patience.

    also Gibrane said: “you shall bless darkness as you would bless light”



  3. Dear Hala, sometimes even if you are not physically alone you need to hear things which you already know. It’s a kind of support and proof for you that you are going the right way. So, I understand you very well and I am sending love to you and your country.

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