Kinds of Illusion. Pain

Lake in Finland 

Lake in Finland, photo bt the Author 

Pain is one of the kinds of illusion, “décor of life”. Very often undergoing of a pain test causes most fear. Pain is given to a person for him to live it through, to gain certain experience. But very often he starts judging pain and think that there shouldn’t be pain in his life. In such a way sufferings appear. A high mastery of life is to take pain, if it has appeared, for something perfect and not to deny it, not to say that it should not exist and that it is unacceptable for the man.

Denying pain, taking it for something imperfect, the man denies God as he thinks that God is imperfect if He allows such imperfect pain. Denying pain, the man cuts off the way to God, to himself. Complaining about pain, he increases sufferings in himself and around him.

Just “to endure bravely”, “to stand pain with fortitude” – it’s a little experience. One can gain such an experience but it is better if he goes further. But most people only endure supposing that for this they will get reward in the Heavens. Taking pain just for pain, for an experience, for a motivation to think over your life and its meaning, the man goes away from sufferings. If pain has appeared, thank life for the experience and find this experience – find the reasons* for this pain and remove them. It is the way which leads without sufferings.

Based on the book “Alive Thoughts” by Anatoly Nekrasov.

* To find and remove reasons:

1) On the physical level: change in the food you eat, style of life, creation of the appropriate conditions for the organ and your body as a whole.

2) On the spiritual level: change of the inner state, introspection and realization of the mistakes you have made on your life path, forgiveness of yourself for the mistakes (any negative thoughts and deeds lead to the imbalance of certain parts of our energy system, which, in some time, becomes the cause of the illness of the organs as well as negative situations which happen to us).

Thought for the day: “Your enemy will pay you with evil, the one who hates you will bring pain, but the anger in your heart will bring much more evil. Neither your father, not your mother, nor your relatives will make you as much good as your own heart when it forgives and forgets the offense“. (Buddhist Wisdom)


3 thoughts on “Kinds of Illusion. Pain

  1. pistolpete

    Dr. Paul Brand, a Christian missionary who specialized in treating lepers talked about the “Purpose of Pain”. He saw that without the sensitivity of pain, our bodies would have no warning to protect themselves (hence, lepers loose body parts).

    I wonder about the spiritual implications of this.

    What do you think?

  2. I very much believe that Dr. Paul Brand did not see any spiritual applications of this. Nerves and receptors refer to the physical level. And what pain means from spiritual point of view, in my understanding, I have described above. From the point of spirituality, I can only add that nerves and receptors were created by God.

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