Innocence – the Basis of Faith


 A Lizard in Italy, photo by the Author.

So, innocence is the basis of faith. The story which you will find below not only proves it but also gives an example of the fact how our conditionings stop our complete manifestation as a Man who is the reflection of God.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, an American, at one seminar told the audience the following story: One little boy lost his leg in a car crash. However, in some weeks his parents and doctors noticed that his leg began to grow again. “Impossible!” – everybody was positively shocked. This phenomenon could not be explained anyhow and they started video-taping the growing the leg. Drunvalo said that when he learnt about it, new toes were already growing on the boy’s feet. What was the mystery of it? Then the boy’s parents remembered that in his childhood their son was constantly playing with lizards. As we all know, a torn or fallen tail of the lizard grows again. Perhaps, the doctors and parents did not tell the boy that human extremities once lost do not grow again. And as nobody told him about it, he, according to his own examination of lizards, thought that it happens to people in the same way.

Thus, the strength of thoughts and outlook can make wonders. Or may be such things are not wonders? May be the problem is in our limited thinking, which holds us within some certain framework?

It seems the Russian saying “The less you know the better you sleep” takes its roots in the same idea. True knowledge is within and we can easily awake it living in accordance with our Spirit. And very often it happens that other people (family, friends, society as a whole) try to share their fears, doubts, conditionings, etc. rather than meaningful positive ideas with us.

More than 10 years ago, when being in New Zealand, the narrator of the book “Hands away from This Book” got acquainted with a teacher who told him a similar story. A little girl lost a half of her finger at the lesson of technology. After the girl had been treated in hospital and returned to school, the teacher called her and talked to her in a very open-hearted way. She explained to the girl that the finger would grow again if the girl did not tell anybody about it. What, do you think, happened? The finger grew again – two years were needed. Why did the teacher asked the girl not to tell anybody about it? The answer is quite obvious: the reaction of other people could influence the girl’s belief that the finger would grow again. Her parents or somebody else could say that fingers cannot grow.

Abiding faith is prerequisite to the fact that everything will work out! We should believe. Any doubt can have destructive consequences. The strength of faith can also lead in the negative direction. Many people become ill and get cancer because they have been afraid to get it one day. And some people are even sure that they will have cancer because their brother had it, their aunt had it…

On the other hand, I know a lot of cases when people who strongly believed, first, in God and, second, in the fact that some terrible disease was just an experience on their life path and that the end of the experience should be positive, recovered.

Today my dentist told me after she had finished working with the filling in one of my “difficult” teeth: “There is only 50 per cent that the tooth will cope with the filling and accept it. Think positively and it will work out!”.

Based on the book “Hands away from This Book” by Jan van Helsing.

Thought for the day: Positive thoughts attract positive events.


2 thoughts on “Innocence – the Basis of Faith

  1. Mursel

    Would anybody know where to find the book “Hands away from this book” by Jan van Helsing? I’m in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. I checked Chapter’s web site but it returned 0 results. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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