Kinds of Illusion. Illusion of Failure




What do you see in the pictures? Aggression, hatred, anger? The two dogs are obviously fighting for something?

If your answers are like this, I am sorry but I have to disappoint you. What you see is just an illusion. In reality the two friendly dogs are just playing. Don’t you believe? Look at the pictures below.


So, it’s quite possible that you have taken illusion (in the first pictures) for the reality. Is it a good reason to think how many things in our life we see in another, distorted, light comparing to what they are in reality?

Some time ago I started writing about illusion (check the category Illusions and Reality). There are a lot of kinds of illusion. The idea that there are failures in our life is also just an illusion.

This illusion gave birth to another idea in a person’s mind: the outcome of life is vague, life can be good but can also not be good. In such a way fear appeared.

When the man understood that God is everything, that He is Almighty, that man and God are one, he was not afraid of anything and he had no fear. He lived in harmony with himself, with his Spirit (the reflection of God in each of us) and with the World.

But “failure” is just a part of the process of learning oneself.

Then how can it be failure? There are no problems but only experience that one can get going through the situation.

When a so called failure appears in life accept it withy love. Accept it as a part of your success, as an experience taking you closer to a greater success. Only having accepted failure, one can change it. The more we resist, the deeper we sink into illusion, the more difficult it is for us to get out of it. The situation is not terrifying, what is really important is the way you will get out of it.
Failure, lucklessness, misfortune are just a way to learn oneself. For this, there are cycles in the Illusion. To experience success one should go through failure; to experience happiness one should go through misfortune; to experience luck one should go through lucklessness.

The wisest of this world have said: “Everything can be known in comparison”, “Life is striped”, “Everything that is done is for the best”. But most people go deep into Illusion, so deep that they take life not as a play but as reality, they take the cycles of life, black and white stripes, seriously – and, as a consequence, suffer. Try to watch the events of life from aside and realize their illusiveness. If you try to do it once it will become your habit. Would you agree that looking at your past now you see that what you took for a failure brought you to positive events in the end as it gave you motivation for some action?

Thought for the day: “If these masks are taken off, self-knowledge exists that is the knowledge of God. To know one’s own Spirit is to be one’s own Spirit as there cannot be two own spirits. Consequently, knowledge is self-knowledge. Consciousness is existence.” (Shri Ramana Maharshi, Dec. 20, 1879 – April 14, 1950, India).

Photos by the Author (taken in March 2007)

2 thoughts on “Kinds of Illusion. Illusion of Failure

  1. clare

    Dear Anastaia,
    I was told about your blog by Hala in Lebanon. Are these your dogs? They are beautiful.
    (in Bermuda)

  2. Dear Clare,
    The dogs are not ours but of our neigbours in the village. The are very different but also similar in some things (the way they meet you joyfully when you come and the way they are waiting for food 🙂 ).
    Much love to Bermuda!

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