Parables by Christ

Jesus…And afterwards Jesus started to explain in parables to all the people how one should understand God’s Kingdom.

The first parable was the following:

When a person sows seeds in his field he does not think about them but sleeps at night and gets up in the morning and does other things not worrying about how the sprouts are coming out and growing. The seeds swell, come up, turn into verdure, into stems, into ears and get filled with corn. And only when the crop is ripe, the owner sends reapers to mow the cornfield. In the same way God does not establish Gods’ Kingdom among people with his force but lets people do it themselves.

Jesus told a second parable: if there is no God’s Kingson within a person, God does not accept this person into His Kingdom but leaves him in the [human] world until he becomes worthy of God’s Kingdom. He said, “God’s Kingdom is like the following: when a fisherman sets his fishing nets about the sea, he hooks various fish into them but having caught the fish he selects those which he needs and lets the others go into the sea again.

And he told one more parable about it:

An owner sowed good seeds in his field. And the seeds started to grow. Weeds have grown among them, too. So, the workers came to the owner and said, “Did you sow bad seeds? Many weeds have grown up on your field. Send us and we will weed them”. But the owner answered, “You shouldn’t do it, otherwise, when weeding the weeds, you will trample down the wheat. Let them grow together. When the time for mowing comes, I will order the reapers to select wheat and throw the weeds away.

In the same way God does not let people enter other people’s lives and does not do it Himself. Each person can come to God only with his own efforts.

(Mr. 4, 26-29, Mt. 13, 47, 48, 24 – 30)

Christ’s Teaching, Told for Children, by Leo Tolstoy

Thought for the day: “Seek with sincerity and be persistent in your seeking. In the end you will discover Truth” (Buddha).


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