Vibrational Sounding of a Person


The Hermetic Principle is well-known in science. In other words, it is called the Principle of Vibrations: there are vibrations in the Universe, nothing is quiescent – everything is moving, vibrating at a certain frequency: the higher the vibrations are, the higher the frequency is and the lighter and brighter the substance is. The vibrations of the spirit occur on such a high frequency that they are practically motionless. On the other side of the range there is substance the vibrations of which are so low that they also seem motionless. Between these two poles there are milliards of different vibrations.

Each person is also a combination of vibrations the frequency of which is defined by his thoughts, actions, level of development, habits, environment, etc.

The mechanism how it works is described further.

How does it work?

There are seven main energy centers (chakras) in each of us and the state of the physical body depends on these centers. It is organized so by nature that each chakra should vibrate on a certain frequency. And if the way we think and behave does not “make” our chakras “dirty”, our body is healthy and the level of the spiritual development is high. “Dirtying” does not let the chakras sound on a certain frequency. And as a consequence we get different physical and psychological problems.

Subtle body

What exactly “makes” the chakras “dirty”?

Negative feelings lower the frequency of the vibrations: fear, envy, anger, greed, etc… Any improper deed, negative thoughts, bad habits effect the work of our chakras in the negative way and the person starts vibrating on a lower frequency. And, as it is known, everything attracts what it is like. Such situations and people appear in our life the vibrational state of which/whom coincides with ours.

All the diseases “sound” on low frequencies. The heavier the disease is, the lower “sounds” it makes. And when the work of some chakra (because of the reasons created by us) is not balanced it can come into resonance with the disease which, in its turn, will lead to the illness of the organs which depend on the chakra.

The more love the person is filled with (universal love and not only with some of its kinds), the more freedom he has and the more joyful he is, the clearer and more harmonious his chakras sound, the healthier his physical body is.

The whole range of vibrations can be figuratively divided into three zones defined by the inner sounding of the chakras – each person can live in one of the three spiritual states: low (the risk zone), middle (the zone of expectations) and high (the zone of welfare).

Spiritual States:

1) Such people live in the risk zone who have low vibrations. These are the people who are satisfied with what they are, who justify their not very good habits and qualities of character. In its lowest part, there are people who have moral and psychological deviations, the criminal world.

2) Increasing his/her spiritual level, manifesting more and more love, becoming wiser, the person enters the zone of expectations. There can be people who have not realized their potential, the people from who the World waits for a greater manifestation of spirituality for them to reach the zone of welfare. The World prompts to them how to act, teaches them, makes tests for them only with an only aim for the people to realize the need of the further rise.

If in the state of risk a person can live quite stable, have some certain amount of success, money, power, though he is exposed to various physical diseases and can “quit the stage” at any moment, in the zone of expectations his life is, as a rule, “striped”, with numerous ascents and falls. He feels the support of the Divine but, at the same time, not always listens to Its advice. Usually the people who find themselves in this zone are seekers.

3) The next zone is the state of welfare, the state of joy and happiness. This state comes when most vibrational qualities of a person are manifested, when the work of the seven main chakras is balanced. The person sounds on a high frequency: his health is good, his relations with people are perfect, he has the material prosperity he needs. His creative capabilities are also revealed here. And his state extends onto the world which surrounds him making it brighter.

While the frequency is getting higher, the person is becoming freer and freer. The rise extends the horizon of his consciousness: deeper causes of what is happening become clearer and seeing the causes the person can remove them.

Staying in each zone is not meant for the whole life. Each person can rise up to the third zone if he is making some efforts. In the same way, each person can fall. The main thing is IN THE PERSON HIMSELF – all the opportunities and all the obstacles are within him.

I wanted to tell you about all this to be able to write on the next topic – Can a Person Change his Destiny?

Thought for the day: “The main question of life is only in the idea whether, during this short period of life given to us, we are doing the thing the One Who has sent us here wants from us. Whether we are doing the right thing?” (Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer, 1828-1910)

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3 thoughts on “Vibrational Sounding of a Person

  1. Thankyou. I’ve spent some time this evening browsing the “spiritual” blogs and yours is the first I’ve come across that had something positive to say without trying to sell me something or convert me to someone’s religion. A breath of fresh air, indeed. Again, thankyou. You have made me smile.

  2. Thank you very much for such nice words. They give inspiration to create new posts! Though I must admit that it is my ego who is so happy to hear such words :).

    Concerning “converting”: there is one mountain with one and the only top. There are a lot of way to the top: some are long and difficult but some are shorter and easier. It is up to every person to decide what way to take. Though there are also such ways which do not lead to the top but somewhere aside and some people who take them never come to see that they are not going to the top.

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