And what about the stars? And what about the lines on the palm? They tell the truth, don’t they?” – some of those who have read my post “Can a Person Change His Destiny?” can say.

The answer: external features also change :). There are a lot of examples in the world of the fact how, during a short period of time, the lines of one’s palm, the colour of one’s eyes, the voice, the appearance, the gait, etc. were changed.

I remember when being a teenager I wanted to know what the future was preparing for me. And as far as I understand now, the need for fortune-telling appears because of the uncertainty in the future and, consequently, lack of realization in the present :).

In the central street of our city there was a chiromanist standing there every day and telling the interested people their destiny according to the lines on their palms. So, I spent some time in the line and finally my palms were also examined.

He was telling me the things, basically, good (and I am very grateful to him for that because each piece of information which a fortune-teller says is not anything else but programming that a person once heard impresses on himself again and again: then it is better to hear positive things 🙂 ). But already then I noticed that he looked not only at the lines on my palm but also at my reaction to what he was saying.

Most fortune-tellers (the whole range of them) use, very often intuitively, the information that the interested person carries himself. By external features, look, clothes, manner of speech one can guess typical situations where a person with such features can find himself. And what prevents a person from growing spiritually and, due to it, changing his destiny (and the external features automatically 🙂 ), even if the destiny has been foretold?

The future is polyvariant and the fortune-teller always sees, perceives and knows only his level of information, only his variant available to him at a certain moment and depending on the today’s inner state of the interested person! In such a way, fortune-telling hampers and sometimes even deprives a person of his right to choose his destiny. But at the moment when he takes pains to make his level of spirituality higher the need for fortune-telling disappears – the person obtains confidence in his future.

Moreover, most fortune-tellers are people not very much developed spiritually. They often frighten others (some gypsies, for example) saying, “An evil eye is put on you!” – and they say it only for the sake of money. And even those who are more developed stop in their growth because of their arrogance (complete certitude of what is being said by them).

Everything that has been said above refers to clairvoyants as well with an only addition that these people get information from a certain part of the energy (or information, as some people say) field. But neither the clairvoyant nor the interested person may know for sure that it is a positive part of the field. Depending on his inner state a clairvoyant gets in touch with this or that information channel. If the fortune-teller is not a highly spiritual man, the chances that he gets in touch with a pure channel, basically, equal zero. Thus, all the information which goes from outside is subjective! Cartomancy, fortune-telling based on coffee grounds, etc. belong to this group as well.

By the way, the Bible forbids fortune-telling because it destroys the man’s being including itself into his karmic streams, breaking by distrust his life-path.

Last year I was told fortunes again, without my desire and permission. My hand was taken and I was said only a sentence and a half but… not at all positive. On the one hand, immediately I tried to “disconnect” myself from what has been said: “It is not my future!” On the other hand, it seems that life tried to tell me something (as it was not me who was the initiator). Thus, I had to look for reasons in myself who I was at that time (not in myself of the future!).

I mean that if your fortune has been foretold you treat what has been said not as something inevitable but as some advice that can help you realize your mistakes as the information about some future problems is GIVEN ONLY TO REMOVE THEM. All possible opportunities and obstacles are lying in ourselves: any person’s problem has roots in himself! And if later you remember the negative prediction, try to change your inner state and do something good. It really works!

In the same way one can speak about the predictions referring to the future of our planet. The end of the world is foretold only by those who can benefit from it (either in financial or energy matters). The destiny of our planet depends on the spiritual level of people. The more spiritually developed people there are on the planet, the more variants of the bright future our world has.

Thought for the day: “Putting one’s attention on problems and having the faith that the Divine Power will work it out will solve all your problems”. (Shri Mataji).

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