To Know God. What to Begin with?

While we were going to the village on Saturday, I was contemplating on the topic of how people are seeking God. Some of my thoughts and personal experience you can find below.

There are people who worship idols exclusively thinking that they honour God this way. It was vividly depicted in the film “Ten Commandments”. When, in some days, Moses came back from the mountain carrying the Testimonies, he saw the Egyptian people dancing around a multi-coloured hand-made ram. “What is it?” asked Moses with disappointment. “You have gone and we got frightened as there was nobody to lead us any more…”. It is quite funny from aside but the same thing exists nowadays. And ritualism causes fear, aggression and the loss of morality.

There are also people who get attached to the bodies of the great incarnations and forget that they themselves need to grow spiritually.

There are also such people who understand with their mind that there is an element of God in each person but they do not know how to manifest it.

But, first of all, it means to find love and joy in yourself!

With, approximately, such thoughts and in the respective mood we approached our village house. Personal experience – comes further.

The first to meet us were the neighbours’ dogs. They feel joy and because of it jump even more around you trying to show their attitude to you in all the possible dogs’ ways. And seeing the big bag with chicken bones that we have brought for them the dogs’ joy becomes uncontrolled… How funny they are: it is so obvious what a dog wants at this or that moment. For example, now, after everything has been eaten they need water. But it is sunny and warm outside – all the pools have dried up and the snow has almost melted. The sheep dog is chewing snow under the bush and the white dog checks all the reservoirs (barrels) standing in our yard. I am hurrying for a bowl and my husband – for a can with water. And then everything goes as it should: the dogs’ games begin on the vast territory of our garden. If not for their cunning glances, which the dogs cast at me and my husband in turn, one could think that they bite each other really seriously. But some positive energy exchange seems to take place during the game (both me and my husband feel it). And why not show off? 🙂 The first round is finished – the two dogs buried their muzzles in the bowl with water – simultaneously. Then there were four more rounds (while the proteins were letting know about themselves 🙂 ). It is so easy with dogs – while we were with them, we were completely in the present feeling immense joy.

An old woman (unknown to us) is going along the road. We tell her a “hello”, the old woman approaches us. Her first question is, “How are you? Is everything alright?” How much cordiality there is in the questions of an unfamiliar person! And the warmth of another person opens one’s hearts even more. I am answering her questions and ask the grandma about her health, meanwhile trying to convey a thought to her heart: “How wonderful you are! May God bless you!” Running a few steps forward, the next day we met the old woman again – she brought us big tasty chicken eggs.

Some two hundred meters away from us a car got stuck in the muddy road. The driver was doing everything to draw his car from the mud, but in vain. The situation was quite known to us: at the previous weekend we had been drawing our car from the spring ground for an hour or so, too. It is impossible to reach the stuck car in another car: the roads are too muddy. I am taking a two-meter wooden board and going to the stuck car (may be it would help if put under the wheels). I have covered some 20 meters when I feel that somebody is following me. I am turning (with the board in my hands) – cows are going after me (they have been standing and chewing grass before), one of them is standing two meters away from me. It is standing and looking. And I am standing and looking. I believe it should have looked funny from aside: a young woman with a board and cows behind her :). I had been afraid of cows a little bit before because of their horns. And that day I just sent all the good feelings to the cows and was already going to continue my way – the car finally drove out! In such a way a pure desire already works!

I had just put the board into the garage when the car stuck again. I do not want to carry the board again. I am looking at the slipping car and pushing it (mentally) with all my might. It helped in a minute! 🙂

Theessence of God is love. And growing it within, the person gets complete freedom as fears, anger, envy, greediness, etc. vanish. Joy is a companion of freedom. And the freedom is given to the man for him to create.

Thought for the day: “Love is above all. If you see that there is no love within you but want to have it – do the deeds of love, even though without love at first. God will see your desire and effort and put love into your heart” (the monk of the Optin Desert).

Photos by the Author


6 thoughts on “To Know God. What to Begin with?

  1. hala

    Dear Anastasia,

    Thank very much for sharing your sincere beautiful thoughts… And it is lovely to meet people walking by, whom we don’t know, but say a Hi or a good morning and even more generous to bring the next day some eggs as a gift [from maybe their chickens?]!!!!

    Jai Shri Mataji

  2. thefurmoonwillow

    You and your hand carved posts are truly inspirational, relatable and seat edging in noble truths. Please continue making more under priced serenades

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