Nature and Fashion

During the last two months, until the previous weekend, the ground was covered with snow. And each day it was so beautiful and so different.

Only one week has passed. The snow has melted away. But the ground is already in some other attire – small colorful flowers make the insects and… people, who are able to notice the beauty of the surrounding world, happy.

Unintentionally one draws a parallel: if those are the “attires” (white, or green, or yellow and red) of the Earth that gladden the eye, if one feels cheerless and uncomfortable seeing bare trees and fields, why then people strive for the opposite in the modern vogue, not adorning the body but showing it off?

If you are a woman, you can learn how one can create her own image following the traditions of decorating the body here.

And here are the flowers – decoration of the Earth which appeared already in a week after the snow had melted:

Thought for the day: “The human body wants good only for himself and people give way to this deception. And as soon as the man lives only for his body and not for the soul, he diverges with people and God and do not get the good which he is seeking” (Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer).

Photo by the Author (April 3, 2007)


5 thoughts on “Nature and Fashion

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  2. When the trees are barren and the flowers are not visible, hidden by snow or lying beneath the earths fragile surface, then is when nature is resting before giving birth to a new spring which always come.

    People, like the earth, must take rest to renew and spring forth again and again until their time here is finished. The constant state of spring in the earth, or in the human spirit, would not be, could not be sustained. We must cherish our rest periods as much as we cherish our time to spring forth and show our beauty. Nature shows the way “There is a time for all things”

  3. Dear Anastasia,

    The photography is beautiful and the fact that this is only one week after the snow has melted is remarkable. Life is so delightfully surprising, as is your blog.


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