Enjoying the Disadvantage – Personal Experience

Advantage or Disadvantage?

Several days ago I published the post “Enjoying the Disadvantage”. This time I would like to share with you some personal experience on the topic.

We are leaving our village house on Sunday late in the evening. We are packing quite unhurriedly but I still manage to forget small sausages – our breakfast for the next day. And when we come home, it turns out that we have forgotten a more valuable thing – our small computer. To be more exact, it was me who forgot it as packing is my family duty :).

If everything had happened a year before, we would have been disappointed as the following things were waiting for us: a change in our plans, an extra trip to the village, loss of time and the absence of the needed and valuable thing (and, moreover, I suppose, I would have got a reproach). And now we just drank tea, meditated and went to bed having decided that there would be an early rise the next day – my husband would go to the village.

On a spring morning it is very easy to get up. The decision is made – we are going to the village together – to have breakfast. And besides, on our way, we are calling on some administrative institution of one of the regional towns that we had to visit long time ago.

When a couple of kilometers are left until we arrive at the village house, life gives us an opportunity to do a good deed: we are giving a lift to our neighbour who is returning from her work. In answer to her question why we have come to the village on a working day, we answer: “To have breakfast!” 🙂

It is a bit frosty outside in the morning but the sun has risen quite high. And how tasty the breakfast is! The purity of the air influences the taste of the cooked food.

We are taking what we have come for and return to the city. In such a romantic way our day began. And it continued very successfully, too.

Thought for the day: “…you must always think if there is a disadvantage it’s an advantage for us. So you should not say,”I don’t like it”, “I don’t enjoy it”, but you should say,”Why not?”. Because if you decide not to like it, you will spoil the joy. But you keep yourself all the time and decide, “Oh I’m going to enjoy, then you start enjoying” (Shri Mataji).


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