What Do We Learn from Children?

Children’s Innocence 

Many of us were saved by life when we were kids. Life saved us even from such situations which, at first sight, seemed hopeless.

When I was about five, my mother, going to leave on business, took me to her sister for a night. I was put to bed in the living room. But I became frightened of something at night and asked to take me to my aunt’s room. And in the morning my aunt found out that an edge of the heavy shelf with books fell down upon the place where I should have been sleeping at night.

My husband has also told me about a couple of the same situations from his childhood: because of Somebody’s interference a train did not run him over, a brick did not make a hole in his temple…

I am sure everybody has such stories referring to his/her childhood. Such cases, in general, have a happy ending because children have a very strong connection with the Supreme Power which has created everything in this world. And besides, kids have so many important things to do in their life in the future, to become those with the hands of whom God creates the World.

But what does “the connection with the Supreme Power” mean? When a child is still in his mother’s belly, at some moment during the third month, the energy which has created everything in the universe enters its small body through the area called the fontanel. It creates the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and then what is left rolls at the end of the spine, in the sacrum bone. When the baby is born, the fontanel stays soft for some time. A little child has all the positive qualities within, though he still needs to develop them. He is pure and innocent and it gives him/her an opportunity to see life as it is, to see reality and to live in the present.

Once I asked my close friend (by that time he had already had three-month experience of being a father) what exactly makes parents happy in little children? And he answered that it is the innocence because of which children bring so much happiness and joy to other people. But going along life, staying in the environment of a certain family, society and state we sometimes fail to develop the best in us growing not good qualities instead. We obtain the “skill” to react to the situations with our emotions, conditionings and ego. And besides, we are going along life not alone but holding the hand of our memory (very often subconscious). Thus, from time to time, our attitude to things is defined by some image, stereotype, from the past. We try to find solutions to the problems ourselves and only when everything becomes very bad (in our opinion) we start appealing to the One who we believe in from time to time.

Thought for the day: Jesus said (according to the Bible), “Become like children. And it will let you enter God’s Kingdom”. To be in the present, to be balanced and harmonious, to be joyful – are these the qualities of children?

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