Easter. Its Symbolism.


It is either sunny or snowy behind the window. And sometimes the snow is falling in the bright sunshine.

– Jesus has resurrected!

– Verily he has!

People in orthodox countries tell and write each other. But do many realize what is behind these words? The essence of man, his Spirit, is eternal. It is one of the Truth and to bring it to people Christ had to go through crucifixion. Here is the answer to the question, “If there life after death (to be more exact, life after life)?” There is. And we all go there taking nothing with us except the qualities we have managed to grow in ourselves in this life.

One can go deeper in the explanation of the meaning of that bright holiday. Let’s say that already during our lifetime an opportunity is given to us to be born twice: first – in our physical body, second – in our spirit.

Thought for a day:

Kundalini will rise, your parasympathetic nervous system will activate. For that you do not need to do anything but enjoy this experience without any efforts. The process of your second birth is “Sahaja” – spontaneous”.

“Everything that happens in nature is simple. As, for example, a sprout that goes through the ground in spring, flowers on the tree which are transformed into fruits. Have you ever had an idea that a strong tree will grow from a seed? It is a fantastic miracle. The process of life is spontaneous…The same happens to your second birth” (Shri Mataji).

Photo is made by the Author (April 7, 2007)


2 thoughts on “Easter. Its Symbolism.

  1. Dear thelamp,
    I have visited your post that you advertised so geniously through my blog :).
    And I have some thoughts to share.
    I can agree only partially with the story that you have written about .
    The second part can really be true: if an innocent person is in need and cannot work with his own hands and mind for some reason, God always helps. Though, of course, if you are a physically and mentally healthy person it is you who should be an instrument through which the Divine can make this world better and staying at home and dreaming will help neither you nor God.
    On the other hand, the words “It’s God will for you to live in poverty” absolutely shocked me. How come? Has not God created all this world (nature, animals, etc.) for his beloved creation, the man, to enjoy all this and prosper? Has not Jesus taken all our sins upon himself when he was crusified? And what are some people are doing instead? They do not appreciate what God has made for them! They find all the possible ways to live miserably saying aloud that in such a way their faith is cjecked and, at the same time, silently blaming God for everything that is happening to them. Is it the greatest sin?
    The meaning of life is to find God inside. Christ’s words: “God Kingdom’s is within!” And what is God? It is love and joy that you grow in yourself and share it with the world and people around you. I have written about it here https://eternalvalues.wordpress.com/2007/04/03/to-know-god-what-to-begin-with/
    And if you have managed to do it, you have automatically become a harmonious and balanced person. A really harmonious person simply cannot live in poverty: Life/God will always support such a person arranging many ways for him to do creative things.
    Love and joy that we have within and share with the world help us grow spiritually. And the more spiritual we are, the more opportunities we see infront of us. I have written about it here https://eternalvalues.wordpress.com/2007/03/27/32/

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