What to Do to Be Happy?

What to do to be happy? 

Have you ever asked yourself what you are doing here, in life? I have.

You will easily understand the meaning of your life if you answer three questions. Please, be sincere.

1) What moment in life is the most important one?

2) What person is the dearest to you?

3) What is the greatest good on the Earth?

Answering the questions, folk wisdom says that:

1) The most important moment in life is the one which you are living in now! If you consider each moment in your life as the most precious one, then you will be eager to fill each moment with an amazing content, with the joy of existence, with love. You are washing the dishes, going along the street, meeting somebody – this moment will not repeat any more. Thus, live in it with the most use for yourself and for the others.

2) The dearest person is the one who is in front of you at this very moment! What will happen in your life if you consider each person, you are right now and right here with, the most important one? Each person can change his life if he reaches the point when joy and love are sounding in his soul when he meets any person.

3) The greatest good is the one which you can make right now to the dearest person. Each person in any situation needs love. Try to find love in yourself for each person and show it (in an appropriate way) by listening to him, or saying some supporting word, or giving a piece of advice, or helping him, etc…

Thought for the day: The more often you follow the three answers, the brighter and lighter life becomes.

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3 thoughts on “What to Do to Be Happy?

  1. Why did not you mention Leo Tolstoy who was responsible for the first two of three?

    I am not sure about the last one. It does not look as bright as the first two anyway, and it is sort of excessive after taking the person in front of you the dearest one.


  2. Dear Alex,
    I did not mention Tolstoy because it is not exactly he who was responsible for these sayings. It is the folk and Tolstoy only put all these questions and answers in a beautiful story (see below). The fact is that I have also met the same ideas in the books by some other writers and then composed my own post based on the ANCIENT idea.

    Tolstoy’s story (translation by eternalvalues):
    A young girl was asked what is the dearest person, what is the main time and what is the most importnat deed? She asnwered, having thought for a while, that the most important man is the one who you are talking to at this very minute, the main time is the time which now you are living in and the main thing is to make good to the person you are dealing with every certain minute.

    So, actually Tolstoy began with the one which is the last one in my post 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing it, I never came across this simple test 😉 really interesting and inspiring.
    I wonder how many people will be able to answer the same way?
    I did not 😦

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