There Is a Solution, Always!

Solution to problems

On Friday, my student and I were reading a story about the experience of a young man who decided to pay a visit to his friend at the Eater weekend. He hitch-hiked all the way from the north of Corsica to the southern capital. The weather was warm enough to wear a T-shirt and sandals.

The fact was that when the young man was coming back (again hitch-hiking), he had forgotten to check the forecast. He was really taken aback when he saw people in the passing cars dressed in jackets and scarves. On his way home (and those were miles) he had to cover some distance in his sandals stepping right into the snow. Finally he was given a lift. Though the car was not the place to defreeze him as there was no windscreen. Don’t worry, the man did not fall ill. In fact, he even did not worry about it. He worried about the fact that he would be late for work the next day. It turned out he was in time and after a good sleep. The idea: there was nothing to worry about, just take the reality for reality.

It was quite logical that after we had read the story I asked my student whether she had ever had a “disastrous weekend”. To my surprise she answered in the affirmative. It happened a couple of years ago. One summer day, together with two girl-friends they were, so to speak, walking by car somewhere in the vast area of our region (somewhere – as they themselves could not say where exactly they were). Any problems seemed impossible on such a day.

In a word, they drove up to some lake in the forest (there was no road – just grass). The car was left on the bank. While the driver and one of her friends were playing with a ball, the third girl, according to her own wish, was washing the car.

My student paid special attention to the noble help of her friend when the latter was already pouring the twentieth bucket of water onto the car.

Soon time came close to the evening – it was time to get out of the wilderness. The work routine was waiting for them in the office the next day. As one could predict, the car was stuck in the puddle which had been created by the abundance of the washing water. The three girls did not have enough strength to push the car out. They tried to help the car with a lifting jack – unfortunately, they did not have a clue how to use it.

When they put the jack back into the boot, they occasionally locked the boot, the keys to the car being there as well. And it was a Russian car – in Russian cars one cannot get into the boot from inside the car. All the other tools carefully arranged by the girl who had washed the car were also locked in the boot. And at that moment the signaling started! In such a way they were standing in the middle of nowhere until an idea to go to the nearest village came to their mind. While the two friends were making the idea a reality, my student took the wires away from the car battery – the signaling stopped.

Soon two men came from the village. They looked quite discouraged and, at the same time, amazed – three girls in some wilderness with a car stuck in the mud and the keys locked in the boot.

The boot was opened with the keys from another car of the same brand (there was such a car in the village by chance). The four of them pushed the car out (though one of them fell down into the mud instead of the car but it was not considered as something to be upset about). The young ladies were also worrying about the fact that they should go to work the next day.

But, as you see, there are always solutions to problems. And such situations simply inure us to distinguishing reality from illusions and react to it adequately.

You can also find some words about my personal experience in the post “Enjoying the disadvantage”.

Thought for the day: “When one door closes, another door opens. But we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us” (folk wisdom).

Photo is taken by the auhtor of the blog


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