How to Slow down the Time?


Many different kinds of attachments are known to people (though the latter do not suspect of them): attachments to money, to material things, to people, to animals, to food, etc. One of the attachments which I had (I am, writing “had” though I suppose closer to winter it will appear again) – an attachment to sleep, to the morning sleep to be more exact (as I am not able sleep in the daytime).

I remember that at school the lessons began at 8:30 am. Guess: when did I get up sometimes? At 8:05 am (considering that it took me 10 minutes to ran to school). And the feeling that I am awakened earlier than I would like to wake up has not left me since kindergarten. So, having graduated from the university I have been enjoying long morning sleep.

But already at the lessons of Foreign Literature we were told about the time-table of George Washington’s days. One of the main ideas was that it is important to get up early for the working day to be fruitful. A couple of years ago I learnt about the same truth from Mahatma Gandi’s words. One more fact from the field of medicine also could not leave my memory: those who get up early have very fresh and young skin for many, many years. Moreover: it is better to meditate at the sunrise (perhaps, because all the negative things are still sleeping 🙂 ). The last straw was the perception that I do not have time to do everything that I want. The additional night hours did not help, on the contrary, they influenced my morning inner state very badly.

I want to do so many things – and the decision was taken a month ago to get up at 5 am. It is much easier to get up at 5 than at 7 am (I presume the reason for it lies again in the fact that the rising sun carries positive energies with it). Now I cannot get rid of the feeling that 11 am is already the time to finish my working day :), but the day is continuing! And there is also a feeling that time has slowed down its tempo (before, I could not catch up with it but now I even have time to enjoy the process of cooking and to have extra meditation in the afternoon). However, the amount of creative ideas has not decreased in view of the change in the timetable. It has increased and I still feel the lack of time but life has become much richer!

Thought for the day: God blesses those who get up early (a proverb).

the photo is taken by the author of the blog, August 2006


One thought on “How to Slow down the Time?

  1. By the way, why not learn from kids:

    “In childhood children get up very early. All the children in childhood get up very early. It’s a nuisance for mothers but they get up very early. Getting up early is a childlike behavior. Because the birds are singing, the sun is rising, such beauty in the sky, and why am I sleeping? They’ll wake up the whole house… In India people try to get up early in the morning. It is regarded something very dharmic and good. Even if we sleep late, we’ll get up early in the morning. That’s one thing. Then you can sleep in the daytime. But nobody sleeps over this thing like nine o’clock, ten o’clock. Nobody sleeps like that. .. You can sleep in the daytime for a while if you want to overcome the night’s sleep. You can be quite fresh. You can be quite alright in the evening if you sleep for a while” (Shri Mataji).

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