The First Man in the Space


The first Russian Cosmonauts. Yury Gagarin, the first man to enter the Space, is the second on the right.
At first sight it may seem that the story below and spirituality have nothing in common. But there is one thing which is very important to understand: “it is very important to know your own country, to love your country. If you do not know your country, how can you love it?” (the words by Shri Mataji).  And some spiritually developed people also add that if a person does not love his own country, he cannot respect other countries.

Several weeks ago I paid attention to the book which my husband was reading and understood that, except for the fact that the Russian cosmonaut, Yury Gagarin, was the first man who went spaceward, I knew nothing about the event.

For example, did you know that the space-suit of the first man who went into the space was bright orange? 🙂 Below I am sharing some more information conveyed through the words of Yury Gagarin himself (the translation is made by me). 

Wednesday, April 12, 1961.

Yury Gagarin“The pointers on my watch showed 9:07 am according to Moscow time. I heard whizzing and growing rumbling, I felt the gigantic spaceship tremble with all its body and slowly, very slowly take off from the starting device. The fight of the rocket with the strength of the Earth’s attraction began…

Accelerative forces started growing. I felt some irresistible force press me into the armchair more and more. And though it was established in such a way that it helped minimize the heaviness pressing on me, it was difficult to stir my arms and legs.

I knew that this condition would not last long: until the spaceship picking up speed entered the orbit. The accelerating forces grew stronger.

“Zarya” (means “Dawn”)  reminded:

– Seventeen seconds after the take-off have passed.

I answered:

– I have understood you: seventeen. My state of health is perfect. I am continuing the flight. The accelerating forces are growing. Everything is fine.

I answered cheerfully but thought to myself, “Can it be only seventeen seconds? The seconds are long like minutes”…

Yuri Gagarin in the Spaceship

Yuri Gagarin in the Spaceship

I communicated in dialog with the Earth via three channels. I heard the voices of my comrades working at the radio stations so clearly as if they were close to me.

When the spaceship had passed through the dense bed of the atmosphere, the head fairing was automatically dropped and it flew somewhere aside. The far earthly surface appeared in the bull’s-eyes. At that time “Vostok” (the name of the spaceship meaning “East) flew over a wide Siberian river. Its islands and banks covered with taiga lit up by the sun were distinctly seen on it.

“What beauty!” again, not able to refrain, exclaimed I and immediately cut myself short: my task was to deliver business information and not to admire the beauty of nature, especially as “Zarya” had just asked to convey some more message…

Positive g forces were really constantly growing. But gradually the organism was getting used to them and I even thought that in the centrifuge the things could be even worse. Vibrations had also exhausted me much more when practicing…

Yury GagarinOne after another, having used the fuel, the stages of the rocket separated and the moment came when I could report:

– The separation with the bearer has taken place according to the task. The state of health is good. The parameters of the cabin are the following: pressure – 1, humidity – 65 per cent, temperature – 20 degrees above zero, pressure in the module – 1, in the orientation systems – normal.

The spaceship entered the orbit, a wide space highway. Weightlessness came – the state about which I had read in the book by R.Y.Tsiolkovsky when I was a child. First this state was unusual but soon I got used to it and continued fulfilling the program given for the flight. “I wonder what people on the Earth will say when they will be told about my flight”, thought I…”

To be continued…


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