To Meet God. For What?

Meeting with God 

An acquaintance of mine once asked me:

– What do you consider to be the meaning of life?

– Development, spiritual growth. The improvement of your qualities. While “erasing” your negative qualities you start hearing the voice of your own Spirit, a part of God within, more and more often. In such a way you become closer and closer to God.

– For what? Why cannot one enjoy what he already has?

– The more positive things you have within, the more positive events take place in your life, the more positive people surround you, the cleaner and brighter the world becomes around you. Each person longs for happiness – by all the available means. For example, one thinks that one more glass – and he will get the desired satisfaction. Another is looking for happiness in each of his thefts; someone else – in going away from the reality using drugs. Some other people are looking for happiness in going shopping, at discothèques, in sport, etc. But not each of us realizes that joy should be, first of all, looked for in yourself. The true joy is a quality of the Spirit. And supporting and developing it, putting our attention within, to our Spirit, we approach what we are seeking the whole life – the bliss and beatitude which last for ever. And this is what is called Nirvana*, the meeting with God.

*The Buddha in the Dhammapada says of Nirvāna that it is “the highest happiness”. This is not the sense-based happiness of everyday life, nor the concept of happiness as interpreted by Western culture, but rather an enduring, transcendental happiness integral to the calmness attained through enlightenment.

Thought for the day: “When you are identified with Your Own Spirit, it is much easier for you to see what is bad in you and correct it without any blaming. You should not identify yourself with any drawbacks or accidents on this path. When there are stains on a suit, you take it off and clean” (Shri Mataji). 

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