Pure Desire. Know Thyself

 Know Thyself

In general, most of our human desires are not true as they cannot be satisfied. As soon as we get what we, as we have thought, want, we immediately want something else. The joy from reaching the aim lasts for a very short time. We are constantly discontented (on the one hand, it motivates us to seek but shouldn’t we find what are looking for at last?!)

To know Thyself, to know your own Spirit – it is such a beautiful experience! It is what the pure desire is. To know thyself and, due to it or because of it, refuse from all the doubts, fears and conditionings… Instead of it, many of us are sinking in the quagmire of this world.

To know thyself, to know the Spirit. But how? There should be purity in thoughts and deeds. The skill to live constantly being in a witness state helps us to reach it. As looking at yourself and the world around from “aside”, we stop reacting. We see our own demerits through introspection and eradicate them. That is pure spirituality. There is no ego, no superego, there is only pure knowledge (without emotions and reacting).

The Spirit is absolutely contented with Itself. When you know your Spirit, you know your being and you are happy because your Spirit is so beautiful, because you are so beautiful. And your Spirit is joy because It is happy with all the little things: works of art, an opportunity to help somebody, the capability to love the whole world…

Thought for the day: “The one who knows meditates on the truth of his Own Spirit and realizes it, discovers that everything that exists – the primordial energy, ether, fire, water and all the other elements, Spirit, will, language, sacred hymns and scriptures, i.e. the whole universe – comes out from there” (Chandogya Upanishad).

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2 thoughts on “Pure Desire. Know Thyself

  1. angllhugnu2

    Getting to know my Self is like going home. There are those moments when a welcome hug of Loves pure life hugs you. It is quite a remarkable place. I was most pleased to read your version of the vision you have for recognizing (knowing again) that which we tend to hide from in the illusions (the lies) we keep. Thank you!

  2. The first phrase of yours is so powerful! Yes, exactly, that is what I mean. It is such a bliss to feel comfortable, peaceful, loved – all at one and the same time. I remember once swimming in the Black Sea I had the same feeling because of the water taking care of me: it was so soft, so warm. But the fact is that we can feel the same every minute of our life – just surrender all our negative qualities to the Divine and enjoy!

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