A New Life – Such Joy!


I cannot say I have a gift for gardening but when spring comes I buy two or three packages with seeds. May be it is the collective thinking that influences me so much, may be the colourful pics on the packages or may be I just want to try – if something will really come out of it.

I soak and then vibrate the seeds. Not for the sake of a large future harvest. Just to experience the joy from touching the ground and appearing of a new life. On the second day the seeds of radish germinate right in the plate.

While I am digging up the ground, I feel its warmth. Having planted the seeds I address the Earth with all my heart thanking it. And then, after the work done, I stand on it with my feet bare for a long time: the ground absorbs all the heaviness got during the process of physical work. O, Lord, thank You that You have created such a beautiful world from the man!


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