The Wedding. Interesting Traditions


True marriages are said to be made in Heavens. But the earthly wedding plays an important role as well: it is a kind of acknowledgement of the new family from the part of society (which is a very important psychological moment for the newly married). And especially it is so nice when no rude traditions (like excessive drinking or fighting) spoil the wedding. One gets such a pleasant feeling when everything happing at the wedding is pure (by the way, in the West the white color of the bride’s dress is meant to highlight purity).

I have visited many weddings (as a guest and as a photographer) but only at the wedding of my friends last Friday I saw what I had never expected to see – an unknown to many wedding tradition.

The bridegroom with his bride, the best man and the best bridesmaid, the photographer with the cameraman and the two bride’s friends in the role of singers approach the kindergarten which the bride had attended 17 years before. Our visit seemed to be the event of the day: not only children but also adults “stuck” to the windows.


The bride’s former tutor comes out to meet us. According to the bride’s words, the tutor that day looked younger than a couple of decades before (see how our perception of the environment changes while we are growing – many things are just illusions; and also the power of joy that we have within makes everything around us fresh and clean).

The children who we are visiting meet us solemnly and a bit shyly. They knew about our visit in advance and it is felt that their parents have tried to prepare them for the meeting with a bride and a bridegroom in a very thorough manner.


We start with a quiz: “Do you know how these rings are called?” Immediately all the kids answer in chorus, “Wedding rings”. A bit shocked at such deep knowledge of the little children we managed only to answer “yes” – in chorus.


Then there was a lyric part. Together with the best chief bridesmaid we planted a seed of love into the ground (at least we imagined this process) and watched how a fresh sprout grew out from it. Then we raised our hands imagining that a beautiful flower was opening and then put our right hand on our hearts sending the young couple and all the people our love.

One girl suddenly said that she had a present for the bride – a small statuette. So cute!..

Then there was distribution of sweets, dancing in a ring around the bride and the bridegroom and a presentation of some gifts for the whole group.


Afterwards the former headteacher of the kindergarten recited a poem for the young couple and presented them with a beautiful bouquet. It turned out that during the previous evening the tutors had had enough time to find the photoarchives of the kindergarten and to look at the little bride.

photos by the author


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