What Restrains Us from Changing Life?


The inscription says: The Saloon of Haircuts. Photo by the author

Most people spend two thirds of their lives at work. Most of them treat their work only as their duty and not as some joyful time spending. The paradox is that on retiring, many people lose motivation to live.

But are many of us really satisfied with what they are doing? For most people to have work equals to have stability. Thus, fear appears – the fear of losing work or inability to find it. And when fear has come we are already ready to do what we do not like – just to have money.

The trick is that stability should be within the person as nothing in our life can be 100 per cent stable, the place of work as well. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any development. When we reach the state when we can not endure the conditions we are put in, we start seeking for better life, for more joy, for happiness. And it happens as each of us having reached something at some point wants to get more.

Therefore, not the work should be regarded as value number one but the spiritual growth as when we ourselves are balanced we can see the wider choice of “positions” lying in front of us, we can choose from various opportunities. If you do what you really like, you are never tired. The goal which is not so difficult to achieve.

Today my friend and I were discussing the work of her husband. He spends 5,5 days at the shipyard and as during the week he gets up at 5 am he also needs to sleep during the day at the weekend. Not much time for the family, then. He works there as he feels he should bring money home. But what about his life? He understands that it is not the one he dreams to have. But fear holds him back from even trying to look for some other job opportunities… as he has never done it before.

My friend is a wise woman and she just remarks that when her husband is ready to look for work and to change it, life will also change the circumstances of his living. We come to this life to work out some of our drawbacks, attachment and fear being among them. It may happen so that one day his inner resistance to have the life he has now will come to a crisis and the situation will start working out.

It has already happened to my friend’s sister. After the university she was afraid not to find work. By some lucky chance, she was hired by a well-known company. She got enough money, she had a good position but the boss was absolutely crazy (though known in public). In some time it happened so that her hormonal system came to complete discord. Doctors said that they supposed that there was some reason for it in her head but they could not say what exactly. My friend’s sister had understood by that time that the problems with her health had appeared because of her constant struggle with her Self (which did not want to go to that work).

As soon as she had understood it, as soon she had got a pure desire to change work, fear was dissolved and the life (or, let’s say, the Supreme Power, the Creator) arranged such a situation that a position in another company was offered to her. Until it happened she had had to work out something in herself, in her outlook. The crisis pushed her to do it.

So, just check what restrains you from improving your life? Fear, attachments or what? Why should one wait for crises? The answer will need just a bit of introspection. The first step to improve life: to look at yourself from aside. The second step is to desire to become better, to get rid of your drawbacks. Life will help you (though it may take some time for it to organize the scenario of circumstances for you). I am so positive about it as it has happened to me so many times already.

I am fond of painting. But once I was sitting on the sofa thinking that I want to have such work which can bring some money and satisfaction simultaneously (something with a quicker result than when painting). In a couple of minutes a thought occurred to me that I would like to be a photographer. But how? We had just got our first digital camera – I hadn’t got enough experience and a good portfolio. The next day my friend called me and when I spontaneously said that I would like to be a photographer, he said that a studio needed a cameraman but it might be they needed a photographer as well. In two days I came to the interview. I brought some works made with an old camera and some of my paintings :). The director of the studio liked my approach to the composition and ideas and he uttered, “You will learn the other things”. And I did. I learned some things working in one studio. I learned some other things working in another studio. There is still much to learn but I should have just started. And what a pleasure I get when doing what I really enjoy! And people, my clients, feel that I not only come and impatiently work but try to find a creative approach to what I am doing.

What our world would be if everybody enjoyed the work he is doing?…

Thought for the day: “Start doing what you really like and you will have to work not a day in your life” (Confucius, 551 BC-479 BC).


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