Why are we so joyful when someone else does a good thing?

Know Thyself

Today my friend and I remembered about an event which happened to the father of one of our acquaintances in winter. Neither my friend nor I know that man personally but we have read in our acquaintance’s blog what a good deed he made.

Her father works as a road sweeper. And he is proud of his profession as he realizes that he helps people (especially in winter) – that is already one good thing about him. One day in winter while working he suddenly saw an owl in one of the snowdrifts of our big cosmopolitan city (the population of which is 2-million people). It was rather unexpected and strange. He thought that if some teenagers found that poor bird (which obviously appeared in the city by some strange chance), they could torture it to death. Thus, he went to the nearest police office and told them about the owl in the snowdrift.

That evening it was shown in the news that an owl was found in the city which would be treated carefully and then, depending on the level of its shock, would be either let out in the wood or taken care in the zoo.

When reading this story one got a very tender and positive feeling, the feeling of joy.

My friend remarked: “I do not know this man at all. Why am I so joyful then? Why are we so happy when other people, who we may even do not know, make good deeds? I believe it is because we all are a big family, one body. And when someone does something good, the whole body feels it!”


3 thoughts on “Why are we so joyful when someone else does a good thing?

  1. Of course the reason for doing a good turn is because of the joy another person might experience, and because by giving such joy only are we enabled to receive of ourselves.

    As a part of the one body of love and greater Human thought which we all contribute to, here is another owl story.

    It came from England. I once saw a photo in a magazine about a barn owl that had fallen out of its nest, and a family had hand raised. Their cat had kittens at the time, and the mother cat had looked after the owl along with her kittens. It makes you wonder about the owl and the pussycat and so then also every nursery rhyme.

  2. I know some stories of how animals have nursed the offspring of other animals. But I have never heard it has happened to animals vs birds. Amazing!

    My grandmother has told me that once, many years ago, they went for a walk to the forest and suddenly found a baby-fox which seemed to have lost (at those times there still were foxes in our forests). They took the baby-fox home. At that time their cat had kittens and it was natural for the cat to start nursing one more baby. It was funny a bit, as the fox was gradually becoming bigger than its “mum” :). And soon the cat could not allow itself to take the fox and carry it but , anyway, the cat was sure that everything was as it should be.

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