Everything done is for the best!


I remember that for many years the words “Everything done is for the best” were my motto in life (“were” because now I have a more progressive motto but this time it is not the topic of my post). These words are not only just words which help us to overcome some hard times but they are also absolutely true. All our life is a big experience given to us for our growth (and the person who has developed an ability to enjoy it is really lucky). Life constantly arranges such situations for us which are meant to help us get rid of some negative features or, better to say, substitute them with something positive. And if one does not understand what lessons he should extract from some events which seem to be “difficulties” and “obstacles” (very often only at first sight) the same situation will be repeated sometimes even in a doubled size. Isn’t it what is called the wheel of sansara? For us to pay attention to something, God slaps our shoulder at first very tenderly but if we do not hear Him He gives us a stronger slap. But! Each of us is given such trials which he/she can endure! Not more.

This time I will tell you a story about an acquaintance of our friend. It is a very nice middle-aged lady who lives in one of the cities of Russia. There could be a film based on her life experience. I will not go into details and draw the whole picture but already a sketch will give you an idea what I am talking about.

When she was a child, she lived in a Siberian village together with her parents. Everything was perfect: the nature around and the tender feelings between her parents and of the parents for her. It was a really happy childhood. Seeing such perfection around, she was sure (as she now says herself) that all her life would be like this. So, she was waiting for a prince to come and take her as his wife.

Soon the “prince” appeared. They really had much in common, for example, they both were fond of art, and namely painting. Moreover, they loved each other. As she was sure that it was her prince, she soon told him about it… And he ran away as far as to America. He went to search for a richer and better life.

But they continued writing letters to each other. And giving way to some of his weaknesses he invited her to come to America in one of his letters (being absolutely sure that she would never do it! as even if she wished to come it seemed absolutely impossible to cross the Soviet border).
But she did come – life helped her to get the passport and an airplane ticket. When having arrived in the US, she called him. The reception was more than cold.

It so happened that some of the lady’s clients (American ones which had bought some Russian dolls painted by her) invited her to another part of the United States. They organized a studio for her and soon, during some three months, her works became famous. She had got, unexpectedly, money and glory. And can you imagine what it was for a person who had lived behind the iron curtain all his life?

But she started missing her native land and the decision was made to leave for Russia. But first she visited her love of the whole life. At first everything was fine. It seemed he had really started missing her…. until she told him, a man who had not got what he so wanted, about her success. Envy made all the positive feelings go onto the background. And she left for Russia.

But he was still the man of her life. She never had kids but life always made her work with children. Isn’t’ it a torture? First it was difficult but then… Then she understood what it all had been for… For her to overcome it all and to make conclusions. And she is so grateful to God that He showed her the incorrectness of her beliefs and ideas now for her to work at herself in this life and not in some far future.

And as soon as she had realized for what such an experience had been given to her, everything was set in order: she could see the reality and feel comfortable with men and kids.

So, when some disappointments appear in your life just think why the whole situation was given to YOU?

Thought for the day: If you do not have any problems, it means God has forgotten about you.

photo by the author


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