What did Buddha mean? To keep step with Creator


According to Buddha, all the sufferings come from desires. What did He mean? Should not we have any desires at all?

I felt very clearly what He meant during our trip to Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. When we left from our native city, I managed to leave all the problems and worries at home and completely surrender to Life. It was such a calming feeling when you don’t need to hurry anywhere, when everything brings joy to you, even waiting. Complete peace as you are absolutely sure that everything is taken care of. Even when I tried to hurry to the place which I really wanted to visit and we were obviously late, my husband mentioned that my hurrying would not change anything as we would come at the time we should come. We were late but we really had not missed anything. Yeh, I know, it is easy to think and do so when you do not need to look for work, when you do not need to hurry to work, when you do not have to make money and buy things for kids, etc. But if it worked out once, even though when on holiday, could not it work out constantly? I still need to check it and I will… 🙂

Anyway, being in this state of balance 24 hours a day I suddenly felt what it means to keep step with Life. I mean Life which is not limited only by you but which determines everything happening in the Universe, which gives roles to everybody for some universal plans to be fulfilled. Very often we think that for our happiness we need to do some certain thing. Thus, if we cannot do them, we get upset as we suppose we are losing happiness because of it. But the fact is that Life (or let’s call it the Creator) knows better, first, what is good for us and, second, how we should act at this or that moment to bring good to the whole universe. I do not mean that we should not do anything at all and be couch potatoes thinking that everything will be done for us. On the contrary, why not be active participants of life studying, working, searching for the things which lead to our growth. I am only saying that we march in step with the Creator only sometimes being overwhelmed by our ego during all the other time. And thus, sufferings appear when Life/Creator makes us do what we initially were not going to do (with the help of obstacles, some unexpected situations, etc.) But if we try to enjoy life how it goes not being attached to our desires, we will automatically feel what is auspicious to do at this or that time. Does not it mean to surrender? Yes, it does. And it also means intuition.

For example, our desire was to leave Moscow for the native city on Monday and I was mentally prepared for it (I was already a bit tired from Moscow). On Monday morning my husband went to a business meeting and we were both sure that the meeting would not last longer than 2 hours and we would have time to get to the train by the evening. The meeting lasted until 4 pm (for 6 hours!). If I had been in my usual environment (i.e. at home in the native city) I would have been getting frustrated because all the plans were ruined and I was losing time, and I had other things to do which I could not do because of the delay, etc. But at that time I was just enjoying what was going on – we went to a pond together with my friends where we were lying on the grass and looking at the planes taking off from behind the forest every other minute. Such a meditative state! 🙂 My husband returned at 5 pm. At the same time the train we had desired to take left. We decided that we would go by the same train the next day (to take that train was pure logic).

On Tuesday, when we woke up I felt that we should leave for the railway station at 11:30 (in spite of our desire the day before). When we came to the station, it turned out that there were no tickets for the train which was leaving (the 2 o’clock train). But I still had a very strong feeling that it could not be that we would not take this train. And we did: 10 minutes before the train the tickets appeared. We came home at 7 pm very fresh and, thus, had time to cook a nice dinner and to do some important things (if we had stuck to the mental desire to go by 5 o’clock train, we could have come late at night, exhausted, capable only of sleeping).

May be our experience with trains is not life determining. But does not the same idea refer to the situations when we cannot find work for some period of time, when we have to do what our relatives ask us even when we have some other plans already, etc.? The Creator is preparing something better for us and this preparation takes time. Why not enjoy? Why not leave our own, petty for the universe, desires apart? Why not try to hear the Step of Life?

Thought for the day: “Brahman is the Reality, Consciousness, Infinity. He is the One who knows that He is hiding in the heart and in the highest vault of Heaven, He realizes all the desires in the wisdom of Brahman” (Taittiriya Upanishad).

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3 thoughts on “What did Buddha mean? To keep step with Creator

  1. Hello Anastasia,
    I believe that it is the human consciousness that causes suffering — the inability to let go of the insignificant. Once we evolve to a higher consciousness, those desires evaporate. They are replaced by the desire to be in the God consciousness in which nothing else is needed. 😀

  2. simple and typacal story – I belive something like this happens to everyone, but not evryone is able to learn out of it as you did!! thanks for sharing!

  3. Nadee

    Hi Anastasia,
    simple concept. even bob marley sang about it. “No Woman No Cry” 🙂 Buddha’s teachings are very deep and I am not knowledged enough to transfer all of that. But what I can I will transfer. If you really like reading Buddhist articles Sri Lanka is the place to refer from. Even India,Indonesia,THaniland, china none of these country brought forward the true teachings of Buddha. They have diff versions according to different groups (nikaya).I am happy that i was born in Sri Lanka that I could learn the true teachings.

    coming back to your question…. yes, desire here means even the desire to your self should not go to extreams. the middle path is the best path. Eg: If you have long hair, and when u r cutting it even the slightest sorrow is born in your heart. When you see the first wrinkles on your face, the first grey hair brings out great sadness that you are aging. we like to stay forever young and good looking. that is also desire. Buddha says that there is no point in attaching to phisical apearances. Once a princess called Khema came to see Buddha. Khema is very beautiful and when she saw Buddha she thought that Buddha is very handsome and adored buddha’s features in her mind. Budhha having the wisdom to read other’s thoughts(parachiththa vijanana) felt this. Buddha illutionized a sighting if a very very beautiful lady standing at his side and fanning him.She was soo pretty that Khema distracted from her and stared at here. then Buddha made the illusion gradually age, until the fanning lady became so very old that she could not stand she fell and died and gradually decomposed leaving the bones. seeing this illusion, seeing how the beauty faded away, what everything turned out to made khema realize the truth in attachment to desire. desire is not only vanila desire we use in community. Buddha have said of 5 inputs of desire.
    * Roopa (i.e sightings. captured from Eyes)
    * Shabda(i.e sounds. captured from Ears)
    * Ganda (i.e smells. captured from Nose)
    * Rasa (i.e taste. captured from tongue)
    * Sparsha (i.e touch. captured from skin)

    Buddha never said that normal people should eliminate desires, but should keep in the middle path with desires. Not going for the over usage or under usage of desire. But if you are a monk and wich to attain nirvana yiou need to eliminate all desire. Buddha have eliminated all desire.

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