Inborn Power – the way to understand the world around


Do you believe that some ancient native Americans could manage the weather? Do you believe that some ancient native Australians could feel and see the soul of nature? Do you believe that some ancient Hindus could find “common language” with wild animals? Do you believe that there are people who can do it in the modern world? Do you believe that you could be among them? 

It’s not magic. It is one of the qualities the man has not developed in full yet. Want to know how it works? There is inner energy sleeping within each of us which has the potential to connect us to the world around. Why sleeping? Because when the fetus is still in its mother’s belly at some point of time, usually during the third month, the energy which has created the whole universe enters through the baby’s fontanel bone to create the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. What is left settles in the sacrum bone rolling into 3 and a half curves. When it rises and goes through the fontanel, the sahasrara (1000-petal – Sanskrit), it connects us to the whole universe. You can read more on it in the post of my fellow-blogger. And I would like to share with you the experience my friend has just written me about.

She started with the words: “We are given powers. We should just believe in ourselves”. She continued with the whole story:

“When I arrived in Krasnodar (a Russian southern city), my friend met me at the station. She has presented me with a beautiful tender-pink rose on a high stem. It was such a joy to see such beauty but suddenly I noticed that the flower was already fading and the petals were starting to fall. At the same moment I remembered what Shri Mataji has said* (I had been listening to her talk when in the bus). I wished from all my heart the flower would return to life and stay with us for a little longer. It was so beautiful and it was such a pity it was fading. We came home, put the rose into the water and forgot about it.

Two weeks have passed and I have already returned to the city where I am living now, to Anapa. My friend and the forgotten flower have strayed in Krasnodar.

Yesterday my friend called me and, in between times, mentioned, “Do you remember the rose I have presented you with?” “Of course, I do!” “Then, listen, I came home after work and looked at the rose. There was only the stem left: not only had the petals fallen but also the leaves. I looked at it closely, to be more exact, at the place where had been the bud and noticed small pale-green leaves. It has put out new leaves, can you imagine?!”

My friend was so amazed!

And I could only exclaim, “Wow!” – understanding how sincerely one should believe!

And now this rose is taking roots in a glass filled with water”.

I can only add to my friend’s story that all such things are possible also due to the fact that we, our bodies, consist of the same elements (in different combinations) which we see every day: water, earth, air, fire and ether. So, nothing strange that we can tune ourselves on the same “wave” with nature. And it is possible with the help of the inner power, the power born of Love, within us, and if we are a success we will feel complete peace and balance within. Isn’t it the supreme joy? Moreover, we will sense ourselves as a part of nature, of the whole world, and it will always help us: no rains when we do not have umbrellas, the sun is shining when we are praising God, the clouds are forming in the shapes of the figures/animals/deities we desire to see, etc!

*Thought for the day: “One of these days a Sahaja Yogi came to me and he saw the flowers which were fading. I said, “They are fading, you can give life to them”. He said, “How?” You cut the lower part of one of them and put it into your palm”. And he just put his palm below the root of the stem and said, “Mother, they are still alive”. I said, “Alright, leave them in the water”… During 15 days, all of them rose, began to grow, became big flowers and stayed like this for 5 days more after it. Then he made sure. You can do so many things to make yourself sure that you have all these powers” (Shri Mataji, Sahasrara talk, Italy, May 6, 1990; translation from Russian).

photo by the author

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