How to make the desire come true?



Why is it so that when we really want something it never comes? But it does come when we have reconciled ourselves to its never coming true. Why? It has happened to me so many times already. I really wanted something for years and when I thought that “OK, it’s not for me then”, my desire became reality at the most unexpected moment. And it was such joy (especially because it was a surprise).

This weekend we could see the trick of the whole thing very clearly. Our friends, two adults and two children, came to our village house on a visit. The kids’ desires fulfilled one after another. According to their father, in the morning, when they were going to our village by bus, the children expressed the desire to have the first spring swim in some river or pond. The father assured them that there would be no place to bathe. The kids expressed their desire and then forgot about it.

And when in the middle of the day we all came to the river (without any idea that there could be a chance to bathe there), they were allowed to swim and they took it as something self-evident. But then they wanted a fire (they even collected some small sticks). Andrew wanted to make a fire so much but he was given neither matches nor a lighter. Soon he forgot about it. And the fire started by itself in some time (it turned out that some wood lying on the place of the former fire gave its heat to the sticks). In such a way all their desires came true during the whole day.

And the trick was that they just wished something from their heart not thinking about the result and the benefits they could get. And what is more important – they did not carry their wishes in their own mind. And as soon as one “lets the wish go”, the Divine/the Supreme Power/God gets an opportunity to work with that desire and to arrange circumstances for its fulfillment. And when the children’s desires were fulfilled, they did not get attached to the thing they had got. When I brought ice-cream to everyone (from a shop) which the children, as well as the others, had wanted very much, I was surprised at the easiness Polina put that ice-cream on the beach and went swimming and Andrew gave his portion to his father quite coolly, at his own free will.

Thought for the day: There may be three reasons for our desires not to come true: 1) our desire is not pure (i.e. it does not lead to our development or/and happiness, from God’s point of view); 2) we are so attached to the desire that we are even afraid to “let it go” thinking that only we are the ones who can make it true (forgetting that we are only the instruments of the Creator) and unless it leaves our mind no Supreme power can take care of it; 3) and sometimes it also happens that we desire what we are not prepared for so far and if we got it, we wouldn’t be able to feel its real value (just patience!).

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