Weather and Life – much in common

It is the same place (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, the Volga river) which the pictures are taken of.

Watch the time.








At the same time on the other side:


The whole picture was, approximately, like this:

It is like this in life: first it seems that the sun is shining and then that a cloud is approaching (the change of the mood and state takes place very quickly and often). But in nature it is planned so as only having gone through both of them you find what is in the middle – balance, joy and beauty (a rainbow in this particular case 🙂 ).

The pictures are taken by my friend, Ann Myilenkova

2 thoughts on “Weather and Life – much in common

  1. davidlind

    I just start to relax when I come here and read. My scalp starts to tingle. I get happy. But now I must go. Vacations can be so busy….

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