Why not make wonders everyday reality?


Two weeks ago, I got two letters from different people with different content. But the topic of both of them was the same: faith can move mountains.

Faith into what? Christians, Muslims, Jews have faith but not all of them manage to do something that goes beyond the standard limits of existence (for example, recovery from cancer). However, there those among them who have cured themselves and others, who changed life circumstances when it seemed that it was impossible. So, what is the trick?

to believe from one’s heart and not from ones’ mind;

to believe in one’s own powers;

to believe in the Supreme Power without any doubt and, in fact, to surrender to It!

What condition is the most difficult to fulfill? For some of us – the second, for others – the third.

It is difficult to believe in oneself when you constantly hear around about the experience of other people who “have not crossed the limits of human abilities” and could not change their life. But who has said that these are the “limits of human abilities”? Man can do much more and there are lots of examples of that in the world’s history. Then why should we consider these cases to be standard ones? Perhaps, we just do not know something. Let’s say, we do not know that there is additional energy in each person which, once awakened, connects us with the surrounding world. Or, for example, that diseases before they appear on the physical level start developing on the energy , subtle, level and one can get rid of them “in advance”…

To surrender to the Supreme Power – yes, it is quite hard, too. In a critical moment for many of us it is hard to believe that someone except our analyzing mind can solve “our” problem.

OK, I am finishing with philosophy and turning to practice.

I have recently published the first letter which I mentioned at the beginning of this post. You may find it here.

The second letter was from Tetyana. She told me how, at the beginning of the 90s, she got rid herself of a tumor of her mammary gland (the size of which was 2×3 square cm). She learnt about it accidentally – at the annual systematic medical examination, which all the researchers working with noxious chemical substances must go though. At first she had some doubt about the competence of the physician who had discovered it and went to the City Oncological Center. And there she was suggested to be operated on in 10 days. Being an oncologist by profession, she had rather a clear idea of what was waiting for her concerning that diagnosis and future healing. She did not have any illusions. She had only horror…
And the she went to “her” Institute (where she had worked before), to her colleague with whom she had published not one scientific article in scientific magazines. He had got enormous experience: during 30-35 years he had been Head of the Department “Tumor of the mammary gland” and had seen many cases in his practice, he was an excellent diagnostician and a surgeon (she hoped he would calm me down and she would not need the treatment).
Tetyana’s state was not very nice but all the time she was keeping her attention on Sahasrara and prayed as she could. The situation was such that if the doctor had been able he would have immediately sent her to the surgical table. He suggested Tetyana to remove a sector (i.e. a part of breast with tumor). Then during the operation morphologists would examine the tumor (microscopy) and if they had even the smallest suspicion of cancer (and not of some non-malignant formation) they would remove everything.
That was the scenario. But for the beginning punctuation was made (its contents was taken with a syringe) and morphologists and cytologists examined it on the presence of malignant cancer cells). In two days morphologists told her that nothing was discovered. . . Mammography (X-ray photography of the sections) was not consolatory though.
With all the results she went to the professor . . . He as before insisted on the operation but not so loudly . . . And Tetyana had only one desire: to clean her subtle body. She asked him to put the operation off. She explained to him that she had a very expensive voucher to the sea where she would have a rest and come to herself (and the thought, “would clean herself”). He permitted her to go.

The sea. Tetyana was cleaning intensely using Sahaja Yoga techniques, i.e. applying natural elements…

She was going home with a thought that in any case she would not allow to operate her on even though all the ordinary doctors and doctors-sahaja yogis were advising her to so it. She continued working at her subtle body…

The tumor disappeared in, approximately, half a year.

* Please note that the whole responsibility of not going through the operation Tatyana took upon herself. It does not mean that it is the right solution for any case.

Thought for the day:

Three things arouse respect: faith, humbleness and generosity” (an Arab saying).

If we read Scriptures and books of the word’s wisdom, if we consider many other spiritual experiences described in the letters of the past, we find one, common, spiritual religion and the faith of this religion is based on the vision of the Truth. Indeed, not the truth of the laws of nature which are gradually being opened by the human mind but the Truth of our Existence” (from the introduction of Huan Maskaro to his translation of Bhagavat Gita).

photo by the author of the blog

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