Children’s Land – a new webblog

June 1 is the World Children’s Day. And it has so coincided that I have started one more blog called “Children’s Land” ( on children’s upbringing.

Why has such an idea occurred? First, during this year much useful info on this subject came to my e-mail box. Second, in the modern world when the borders between good and evil are being erased (not without the participation of the Mass Media) it is very important to introduce and teach true values to children. And the created blog is like a database where there is already one third of the materials which I have at the present time. And gradually, more posts will appear there. These are the materials on how to teach children kindness, true beauty, collectivity, creativity, etc.

Right now the structure of the “Children’s Land” is the following:

Children’s wisdom and innocence

Images to colour


Photos (kids)

Programs for kids

Shri Mataji on upbringing

Stories for children

Teaching ideas

Each section contains some specific information. For example, in the category “Stories for kids” you will find some wise stories which you can tell your children to nurture their best qualities and positive outlook.

My vision for this blog is that it could be not just a personal blog but a collective resource where we could put and find information on children’s upbringing and teaching.

photo by the author

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