A Problem or a Motivation to Act?


Today, while talking with my comrade on the phone about everyday life, I drew her attention to the fact that joy should be within, that shopping, discos, trips to other cities and countries elevate our mood but not for a long time. To my statement she reacted with a question, “What does it mean “joy within”?” I replied that it is the ability of a person to see joy. If one needs something extraordinary (sky diving or mountaineering) to go beyond despondency at least for some time, another can see joy at his every step whether it is the first snow or a letter written to a friend. Almost having agreed with me, my comrade made one more question, “And what about problems? How one can be happy when he is almost sunk in problems?”

Obviously, the saying “Everything done is for the better” has existed since long ago not for nothing. Of course, one can realize it with his mind and go on about it at every “negative” event – may be such self-inspiration will work out. But one can also look at his life from aside like a viewer when he watches an interesting movie and, I am sure, it is possible to see a happy ending in every twist of life. Thus, all the problems are for our benefit, for our correction. We try not to repeat previous mistakes, not to turn out in foolish situations and in such a way we are growing. And if we do understand it, life is joy for us. Everything that makes us upset is just a myth, an illusion. And if we ourselves have this joy, cheerfulness of the Spirit, it is passing itself on to the people surrounding us. And we become… – the centre of attraction for all positive.

I know it is quite easy to build theories like I am doing. Then, it is high time for examples! I have recently read a story told by one Sahaja Yogi from Arab Emirates. “When I came to Dubai I did not have work, went to various interviews and tried to find a job in some big company. I was upset as many companies offered me very low salary and such offers were not interesting for me. One of those days I came to an interview to a leading tourist company. They told me that they would contact me but I did not get any answer during a long time. Meanwhile I got an offer to fill the position of a sales manager in another company and I agreed. I had completely forgotten about the tourist company thinking that the work of a sales manager had been prepared for me by life. During that time I got a chance to book airplane tickets for a Sahaja collective from Dubai for them to go to the international festival. I wished more opportunities would appear for me to help my relatives, friends and acquaintances! Believe it or not, once the top secretary of that tourist company called me and said that the president of the company would like to meet me. I was taken aback and could not guess the reasons for that. I went there, met with him and he told me that he had heard about me from some airplane companies and then he offered me the position of the director’s assistant in one of their branch offices. It was like a dream for me. And I immediately accepted the offer”.

For the examples from my life, please, go to “A Problem or a Motivation to Act? Part 2”.

Thought for the day: “The person who starts living for the soul is like a person who brings light into a dark house. The darkness immediately disperses. Be persistent in such life and complete enlightenment will take place in you” (Buddhist wisdom).

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