The Sweetest Memory of the Week

What is your sweetest impression of the previous week? This question is simple but I have come across the fact that many people do not remember what they did at the weekend or last week (including the most pleasant moments) – so busy they are. What’s the purpose of our living then if we even do not remember what we do going along life? The psychologist in one American college used to say: “Every evening try to remember ten nice things which have happened to you during the day”. And this recommendation really helped many students overcome stress and homesickness, helped them look at life in a positive way.

So, do you remember?.. Anyway, this is a rhetorical question. I will tell you about my memory of the last week – the situation which is still before my eyes.

Three weeks ago a 10-year old son of our friends was knocked down by a bus when he was running across the road together with some other boys. His head got such a strong blow that the boy lost his consciousness and was in coma for a week. During this week the doctors could not predict how the process would develop.

We sent e-mails to several Sahaja Yogis in different parts of the world asking them to keep their attention at the boy’s physical and spiritual health and make a bandhan for him to recover sooner. These people do not even know Andrei and his parents but they know that we all are a big family, all the people are one, and if someone is suffering all the rest should and are willing to help him. On Friday, we got several nice e-mails from some yogis which were full of love and vibrations. An extract from one of them: “My heart was filled as I made a bandhan for Andrei today. May the Divine Mother establish Her all bliss on him and Shri Ganesha and Shri Hanumana help the boy recover faster than we human can ever anticipate. May Her love and bliss fill the boy to get well soon…” The same Friday Andrei recovered from coma.

He did come to his senses exactly in 7 days after the accident had happened. I visited the boy and his mother in the hospital on the third day after Andrei had recovered consciousness. I brought fruits and some other tasty things. At one point when I was there Andrei asked for a peach and his father started cutting slices from the peach I had brought and gave them to his son. The boy ate two or three slices and said, “Tasty!” When the father gave him one more slice, Andrei asked, “Treat mum to it”. The boys’ mother took the piece. Then, when his father cut a fifth slice, the boy asked him, “Treat Anastasia [me] to it”. I took the piece and it seemed to be the tastiest one in my life! That 10-year old boy, whose eyes (at that time) did not see well, whose right ear did not hear, who did not remember the names of some things, who was not allowed to get up and was made lie for a week, who had just recovered from coma, who was very weak had enough strength to think of the other people who were with him and treat them to the peach brought to him!..

Thought for the day: “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Memory of the Week

  1. axinia

    I must honestly admit that I do not remeber most of the things that happed to me last week. It is normal for me and I think I have a good reason for that.
    Since many years I have noticed that my perception of very single moment in this life is becoming more and more intense: the enjoynment of being at the present – as amuch as I can – is so incomparable to anything else that I simply do not like to remember the past, however good it might have been (and it is mostly VERY good with me!).
    But i guess this state can only be achieved after years of meditation 🙂 naturally…beautifully…it just comes on its own.
    LOVE, axinia

  2. Dear axinia,
    I absolutely agree with you but there is also more to it. It is very important to live in the present and enjoy every present moment in life but we are still humans and sometimes we get upset and frustrated because of some things which seem trouble to us (though they are mere illusions). And for our mind not to be caught into negative thoughts, not to place itself on a track of dwelling on pessimistic ideas, we need to think of some positive memory which can bring ourselves to balance. It’s Shri Mataji’s advice by the way. And it has always worked with me.

  3. axinia

    Yes, you are right I know about that too. It may not be that useful personally for me, as I am normally overoptimistic about life 🙂
    But a great advise for many, sure.

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