The Greatness of the Nation

One person said today, “I just cannot live without birds of prey!” This man, Alexander, is the initiator and motivator of the shelter for wild birds. I had not known before that such a shelter exists in Togliatti (though it has been even shown on the central TV channel). But, judging by the number of cells and pets in them, such a shelter for birds is really required – a refuge from people, from their cars, guns, hands, especially for those who cannot fly any more.

After all, man is higher than birds and animals not because he can torment them but because he is able to pity them. The man sympathizes with birds and animals because he feels that in them there lives the same thing as the one which lives in him.

I cannot say that something impressed me in the orphanage right at the entrance. At first, I did not even understand who were sitting in the cages-homesteads, put together, as it seemed, from all that was at hand. But there was a turning point – when I heard the raven talking, surprisingly in a human way, and he behaved in the same way – expressed resentment, joy, impatience, respect, humility …

And at that moment there was a feeling of satisfaction and gratitude for being there, among the rescued birds, and for the people who save them. And the birds’ “houses” immediately acquired a different shade – as if they were just like they should be for birds, in a natural way.

Watch the video

The raven says “oh-oh-oh”, “horosho” (which means “good” in Russia) and its name – Kurt.

And the birds themselves immediately became closer, without division into “spectators – flying creatures behind bars”.

When my daughter was stroking the owl, it seemed ready to dissolve in the feeling of pleasure and openness to the child…

Many great people paid special attention to animals, along with such issues as the organization of the world, personal and spiritual growth, the meaning of life:

The greatness of the Nation and the degree of its spiritual development can be determined by the way this Nation treats animals.” (Mahatma Gandhi, Indian leader in its struggle for independence, 20th century)

I do not care about the human religion where they do not care about the wellbeing of cats and dogs.” (Abraham Lincoln, liberator of American slaves, 19th century)

A person whose religion teaches respectful attitude to all forms of life can hardly be converted into a faith that does not consider life of anyone untouchable, except the one of the human.” (Francis of Assisi, saint, 12th century)

If you pick up a dog that is exhausted of hunger and feed it, it will not bite you. This is the fundamental difference between a dog and a man.” (Mark Twain, American writer, humanist, 19th century)

The more I recognize people, the more I respect dogs.” (Socrates, ancient Greek philosopher who made a turning point in ancient philosophy, 3rd century BC)

Nature has endowed man with a high and beautiful gift of compassion which extends to silent animals.” (Francis Bacon, English historian, philosopher, politician, founder of empiricism, 16th c.)

All sorts of philosophers and religious figures trying to convince their students and followers that animals are nothing more than cars without a soul, but anyone who has ever kept an animal at home – whether it’s a dog, a bird or even a mouse, knows that this theory is a blatant lie invented in order to justify cruelty.“(G.D.Toro, American writer, thinker, naturalist, public figure, abolitionist, 19th century)

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