In the Very Heart of Russia

In 2011 I moved to another city and my life changed tremendously. Mostly because there appeared people in my life who we were sharing and are sharing now the same views on what the world should and can be and how people can transform themselves and the world around into a much better place.

Since that year my travelling  together with my friends with the uniting purpose of giving concerts (conisting of dance and music) realizing the aim to balance people’s inner state has been on its way.

6 years has passed since 2011 and we are still moving somewhere once or twice a month. Lots of interesting things happened during the last 6 years but let me start with the present as with our present we create the future.

So, speaking about the present… today in the morning after a 17-hour drive in a white W bus we arrived in the capital of Russia. Moscow met us withvery fine weather and a halo effect around the sun which is not usual for the warm days of spring.

And even though it was extremely difficult to resist the temptation to stay lying on the beds in the hotel we still took pains to step onto the Red Square…

Let me show you a sketch of Moscow created in the way I saw it today.

Just the city. Day and night (the same place seen from the window of the hotel)

The ordinary life of the center of the city

In the central store of the Russian capital

Moscow Subway deserves special attention as every station of it is a piece of art



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