Nature vs Humans

When in most parts of Russia it is still snowing (though it is already May 12) and the bloggers, one by one, are writing how tired they are from the 7-month winter, we are happy to enjoy flowers in the forest living in 900 km from the capital. Frankly, I have not expected there can be such a great variety of flowers in the forest just at the beginning of May!


Moving from flower to flower in search of better shots I suddenly realized that something was wrong. There was a sharp border between the fresh enjoying-life greenery and the burnt out ground with leafless trunks. Seeing the view my daughter could not but exclaim that she felt scared in that place. A feeling of compassion for the nature. (Why should humans be so careless!..).

However, a feeling of admiration as nature rebounds itself!

When we were going back to the untouched greenery, we suddenly noticed a toy on the tree as if it had seen the tragedy and tried to escape.

It reminded me of our own experimenting with toys outdoors. They can really look good among nature! 🙂

The same refers to people – it is not they who give much to nature but it is Nature which supports, nourishes and adorns us.

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