The Third Capital of Russia

I’ve just returned after a two-day trip to my native city, Nizhny Novgorod, the third largest city of Russia which in some nearest past was called “the third capital” due to the fact that there had been the biggest fair in Russia (right at the confluence of the Volga and the Oka rivers).

I love it. Just because it is the city where I was born in and spent the, so far, largest part of my life. Though it can be also justly loved for its beauty and diversity…

This time it occurred to me that having formed an image of my native city in my mind I have stopped “noticing” the city itself as it is now. Always overloaded by the things to “have time to do” while I am there I go (rush) from place to place dwelling in some thoughts of mine… It was like this two days ago as well but… at least I made myself take pictures of the city – just as it is – thus paying attention to the “details” around.

The road leading from the Kremlin to the Volga.

The Kremlin.

Inside the Kremlin

The view from the Kremlin onto the lower part of the city on the other bank of the river Oka (the pic was taken in autumn but also by me)

The pedestrian street in the central part of the city

In the past in the the main market ofthe city where one could find everthing starting from nuts up to clothes. That is what is left now.

There used to be stalls with clothes here.

One of the parts of the main square.

One more square in the central part of the city.

Between the two squares.

Another square of the city

Just a yard in the center of the city – difficult to find a place to park.

Recently there have appeared lots of Time cafes in the city. This “Cat time-cafe” for the lovers of cats is just one of the examples.

The city is still growing.

Read this story in Russian


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