Helping Our Planet Together with Kids

In Europe, it’s quite an ordinary things to use different garbage bins for different kinds of garbage. In Russia, such a thing was organized only in the cities where the WIFA World Cup was held and only for the period of the Championship.

Why cannot it be done everywhere on a permanent basis is still a mystery for me… The happier I was to learn about a social and ecological campaign “Kind Caps” held by the “Eco Truck” Company. The goal of the project is to involve children and adults in the joint solution of environmental and social tasks in order to show that each of us can take care of the other and help somebody without any special material means, and that the usual “trash” may a valuable and necessary resource. At this time, the money received from the collected caps will go to the aid of a little boy. Such a project exists in every Russian city.

Any of my walks about the city or in the woods brought back about 20 caps. Then how much plastic remains in nature given that bottles are not as easy to collect as the caps?! Maybe then it is better not to throw them? I understand that this problem is not so topical for Europe and the US but it is still topical in Russia.

With the active participation of the children, we have already collected quite many caps for the campaign. What I have noticed is that the children seeing me collecting the caps have started thinking over the whole issue on a deeper level: first of all, they have become more conscious of the idea of taking garbage to bins and not throwing it at any place one likes. And of course, it influenced them that there are kids like them who have severe problems with health and who really need help from other people.


Социально-экологическая акция, в которой каждый может принять участие.

В разных городах России ЭкоВоз проводит социально-экологическую акцию, участвовать в которой очень просто любому человеку. Это участие поможет, во-первых, защите природы, а во-вторых, определенному ребенку поправить свое здоровье. Суть акции – сбор пластмассовых крышечек, вырученные деньги с которых направляются на медикаменты или операцию маленького человека с тяжелым заболеванием.

Цель проекта заключается в привлечении детей и взрослых к совместному решению экологических и социальных задач, чтобы тем самым показать, что каждый из нас может проявить заботу о другом и помочь без каких-либо материальных средств, а привычный «мусор» является ценным и нужным ресурсом.

Инфо о проекте в Тольятти:

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