Author of the Blog Know Thyself Many years ago, when I was studying in one American university, a psychologist who was to meet and support all the foreigners advised us to remember ten positive things which have happened during the day every day. And it turned out that even a sad and dull, at first sight, day had many positive things: meeting a new person, a bird’s singing or just walking among nature. Everything depends on the way you look at the world as real joy is within us. And finding this true joy one meets his own Spirit.

The idea of this blog is to show positive and truly valuable things in life. Learn to see them. And doing so, you will more and more often get satisfaction from life and see the true meaning of it. 

With love and respect for all of you,


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  2. Anna Czajkowski

    Hi Anastasia!

    What a wonderful, insightful blog you have created! There are beautiful photographs from your collection, information from many disciplines and philosophies, as well as perceptive observations and wisdom.

    How delightful!


  3. Ramesh Natarajan

    Dear Ana,

    I do appreciate your thoughts and postive approach in life. I read your posting today on Buddha, it was very good.

    Keep up your good work!

    Best Regards,
    Visit my blog : http://Fusions.wordpress.com

    Note: Can you please look the option to increase the font size on comments, i could not read them.

  4. Dear Anna, Raza and Ramesh!

    Thank you very much for the inspiring words. I will really try to keep doing my best when writing posts in the future.

    Dear Ramesh, I would also like to increase the size of the font very much but haven’t got a clue so far how to do it. If someone knows it, please give me a hint. Thank you.

  5. David Tyrrell

    One of my favourite themes (and realisations) in both Western and Eastern wisdom traditions relates to how Diotima taught Socrates about love (and she was about the only one in the dialogues he didn’t dispute) and the nun Dammadinna taught her ex-husband about Buddha’s teachings. Asked later if Dammadinna had ‘taught it as it is’, Buddha replied that she had.

    Interesting and appropriate that you should call your site ‘Know Thyself’ 🙂

    Here’s a link to the Cullavedalla sutta (Pali word for sutra, as you may be aware):

    It provides a nice summary of the important Noble Truths and Eightfold Path.

    I notice that there are some references to kusala (skilful means) and chanda at your site.

    Your smile in your photo reminds me of my daughter, who’s eighteen and very much a potential wise-woman. Another important teaching is of course ‘Association with the Wise’, and we shouldn’t dismiss (as has been done in the past) the so-called ‘other half’ of humanity in that 🙂

    Congratulations on the site!

  6. I was looking for a photograph of the Buddha and your blog came up on Google. What a lovely surprise. The last few months have been very difficult, though through constant attention to my small alter, and meditation, I have passed through another cycle.

    Yesterday I had a wonderful conversation with a Comcast service representative that went on for over an hour. She is is Manitoba. Her views on life (at just turned 18) were as refreshing as my finding your site here. It was -7 degrees (F) and she thought that it was a very nice day and was wearing a t-shirt to work.

    I called about a problem, and the real problem was solved. It is through the touching of hearts that we live and find joy in this life. Thank you so much for your presence.


  7. davidjudd

    Dear Anastasia and All,

    Today is the first time I have visited a blog. As I said in my earlier post, I was looking for a picture of the Buddha, and found myself here. Here, where we all reside in the great spirit, together.

    My life has been focused on spiritual growth since I was 18. I am now much older, and yet, much younger. It is so very uplifting to find a spiritual presence here on the internet, and of course, I look forward to finding many more.

    I am not surprised that my first blog visit brought me here, only grateful. I hope you continue to bring light and joy into this world, and may we all reflect back to one another the true and illuminated nature of who we really are.

    I am inspired and humble, joyful and at peace, thank you again,



  8. eternalvalues

    You are so very much right saying that “it is through the touching of hearts that we live and find joy in this life”. And you know why? Because all the people are connected as we are all part of one, of one huge “body” who some of us call God, others call it Creator, some people believe in the Universal Energy which created everything, etc (and some people even believe that there is nobody like this 🙂 ). But the fact is that if one hand aches the other hand tries to help it as the whole body cannot exist properly when its parts are in disorder.

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  10. Hello Anastasia,

    Again, this is such a wonderful place for me to visit. I love to come and see again and again all the good that you have done here. I hope others may return time and again to nourish themselves from this eternal fountain.

    Much Love,


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