Nature vs Humans

When in most parts of Russia it is still snowing (though it is already May 12) and the bloggers, one by one, are writing how tired they are from the 7-month winter, we are happy to enjoy flowers in the forest living in 900 km from the capital. Frankly, I have not expected there can be such a great variety of flowers in the forest just at the beginning of May!


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Immortal Regiment – Special Feeling

In the 90s, for me, then a teenager, May 9 was not a significant holiday. Rather, the day was associated with military songs performed by two well-known Russian singers … When our daughter was 3 years old, offering flowers at the Eternal Flame became one of our family traditions. Last year, from the historians of Kirov (a city in Russia), a letter came with a story about the heroic deed of my great-grandfather at the beginning of the war. So many people were there in those years learning about the life of who I myself want to become better, nobler!



The words of V.G.Belinsky, Russian literary critic 1811-1848, are the following: “Whoever does not belong to the fatherland, does not belong to humanity” which reflects the whole essence of the concept of “love to the motherland”. Or one more saying: “Patriotism is very important. If you have no feeling for your country, you cannot do anything good. Any kind of sacrifice is not sufficient to satisfy that desire to do something for your country and countrymen”. (N. Shrivastava, 1995 ) …

But for the generation of the 90’s – a generation with lost values, it is difficult to develop values, including patriotic values, from “nowhere”. And the idea of the Immortal Regiment is immense – it’s an idea that reflects both love for the homeland, and collectivity, and unity (and in the mind the memory of the feeling, even if it appeared only for a few hours, remains). And here is a confirmation:

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In the Very Heart of Russia

In 2011 I moved to another city and my life changed tremendously. Mostly because there appeared people in my life who we were sharing and are sharing now the same views on what the world should and can be and how people can transform themselves and the world around into a much better place.

Since that year my travelling  together with my friends with the uniting purpose of giving concerts (conisting of dance and music) realizing the aim to balance people’s inner state has been on its way.

6 years has passed since 2011 and we are still moving somewhere once or twice a month. Lots of interesting things happened during the last 6 years but let me start with the present as with our present we create the future.

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The Greatness of the Nation

One person said today, “I just cannot live without birds of prey!” This man, Alexander, is the initiator and motivator of the shelter for wild birds. I had not known before that such a shelter exists in Togliatti (though it has been even shown on the central TV channel). But, judging by the number of cells and pets in them, such a shelter for birds is really required – a refuge from people, from their cars, guns, hands, especially for those who cannot fly any more.

After all, man is higher than birds and animals not because he can torment them but because he is able to pity them. The man sympathizes with birds and animals because he feels that in them there lives the same thing as the one which lives in him.

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We are what we think

I’ve just happen to find a pic which I saved on my PC 5 years ago – a picture with the words: “Make your brain creative“.

But the same pic can be also commented on with the words: “We are what we think. We are all that appears in our thoughts. With our thoughtsw we create the world” (the words by Buddha which I also appeared to store in my comp several years ago).