Why not make wonders everyday reality?


Two weeks ago, I got two letters from different people with different content. But the topic of both of them was the same: faith can move mountains.

Faith into what? Christians, Muslims, Jews have faith but not all of them manage to do something that goes beyond the standard limits of existence (for example, recovery from cancer). However, there those among them who have cured themselves and others, who changed life circumstances when it seemed that it was impossible. So, what is the trick? Continue reading “Why not make wonders everyday reality?”

Developing Human Abilities – going beyond the ordinary ones


At this time last year we were in England, and namely in Bristol. Quite often, we spent some time on the hill from which one can see a beautiful view of the city.

It happened so that a couple of days before, while we were in the country near London, I had been presented a boomerang brought from Australia itself. And here, on Bristol hill which seemed to have seen much during the period of its existence, we decided to fly the boomerang. So, we came out on a wide clearing which was surrounded by bushes (we learn only later what bushes were those). We tried to fly it as it was shown in the manual (there were pics!)… Nothing came out of it. Then my husband as a former hang-glider applied another method. The boomerang returned to him with the accuracy of 97 per cent! As for me, I am not acquainted with the theory of planes. So, much practicing was waiting for me (my boomerang returned only by 1/250). That is why I preferred to lie on the grass reading a book.

Suddenly my husband flew the boomerang not to the right place, if to put it mildly. It landed right in the raspberry-dog-rose bushes (yes, it can be called so as it was worse than raspberry bushes and dog-roses taken separately). And none of us noticed where exactly it had fallen down. It was our first experience of beating our way through the bushes with big thorns. But in some three minutes we found the boomerang.

My husband continued practicing. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly for both of us, the boomerang maneuvered somewhere behind some bushes (which were quite friendly at first sight). When we approached the place it turned out that there was a slope behind the bushes covered with raspberry-dog-rose bushes already known to us.

We started searching not knowing the exact place where the boomerang could have landed. Not a very encouraging idea, frankly speaking. In short, the thorns cling to the jeans, go through them and stay under them scratching the leg.

There was a thought in my mind that we simply couldn’t NOT find it (as we are Sahaja Yogis; as I hadn’t learnt to fly the boomerang yet – I still needed practice; as it was a present). Continue reading “Developing Human Abilities – going beyond the ordinary ones”