Inborn Power – the way to understand the world around


Do you believe that some ancient native Americans could manage the weather? Do you believe that some ancient native Australians could feel and see the soul of nature? Do you believe that some ancient Hindus could find “common language” with wild animals? Do you believe that there are people who can do it in the modern world? Do you believe that you could be among them? 

It’s not magic. It is one of the qualities the man has not developed in full yet. Want to know how it works? Continue reading “Inborn Power – the way to understand the world around”

To Be Free – the way not to get tired


We were going from Saint Petersburg (Russia) to Moscow by train yesterday. It took us 7 hours and it was a surprise for me that I was absolutely fresh and full of energy when we finally arrived. The trick was that while in the train I was looking through the window and enjoying the fields with fresh green spring grass, fluffy clouds forming different figures, tall slender birches with small leaves and the sun shining so brightly into the window. I had a very strong feeling that my Spirit was absolutely free and at the same time it was a part of the loving and caring nature.

And I also remembered the words of my old uncle suddenly uttered by him one day before his death, “The Paradise is here, on the Earth!” Continue reading “To Be Free – the way not to get tired”

A New Life – Such Joy!


I cannot say I have a gift for gardening but when spring comes I buy two or three packages with seeds. May be it is the collective thinking that influences me so much, may be the colourful pics on the packages or may be I just want to try – if something will really come out of it.

I soak and then vibrate the seeds. Not for the sake of a large future harvest. Just to experience the joy from touching the ground and appearing of a new life. On the second day the seeds of radish germinate right in the plate.

While I am digging up the ground, I feel its warmth. Having planted the seeds I address the Earth with all my heart thanking it. And then, after the work done, I stand on it with my feet bare for a long time: the ground absorbs all the heaviness got during the process of physical work. O, Lord, thank You that You have created such a beautiful world from the man!