Beautiful World

Shri Mataji and a baby

On Saturday, we watched a movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson in the main part. Americans’ struggle for independence. Many families are ruined, houses are burnt. In the middle of the film, one of the characters asked what they were fighting for and another one answered that when they were free they would get an opportunity to build a new, beautiful, world.

This phrase just did not leave my mind… Americans got freedom. Two hundred years have passed since then. What is their world now? Loss of values, extreme consuming, money-thirstiness, spiritual coldness in families – what can be called beautiful there?

I do not say through hearsay. Having lived one year in the States (I met the millennium there), I also became infected with money making (though, on returning home, thank God, my zeal was cooled down).

Another example. India. The previous century. A struggle for freedom. India got physical independence by many victims. Not much time has passed since then (what are decades for history?) but what is happening in this country now where spirituality have been nurtured for centuries? Spiritual values are being exchanged for cheap aspects of western culture.

As being known everything that we create is the reflection of what we are inside. Only a pure (dharmic) person can create beauty around. As far as the beautiful world is concerned.


Interviewer: The theory that scientists say that man came from a little cell from heaven know where; how did you feel about those?

Shri Mataji: It’s a fact, it’s a fact. He (man) came through a cell, evolved through a cell. How did he evolve? Why did he evolve? What is the purpose of his life? It is not all answered by science. What is the power that males you evolve? Also, that is not answered. So, in Sahaja Yoga you know all that. Not only you evolve but with the same power you go higher.

Interviewer: What is your theory about that then? Why are we here or, why are we so long in the process?

Shri Mataji: You see anything that you create, even human beings for example, you have created things. A beautiful lamp is to give us light, isn’t it, the power. So, that’s how God has created us, to give His power to us that we feel Him and know Him in our awareness and understand and we emit His powers and enjoy it; to say in the words of Christ ‘to enter into the kingdom of God’…

Interviewer: Is it what Self Realization means; that You mean as a Realized Soul?

Shri Mataji: Yes, Self Realization means when the Self, which is talked about in all the scriptures, starts emitting its manifestation in our conscious mind; means that time when we become aware of it. To this extent our central nervous system starts recording the power of our Spirit, of oneself and we start feeling the breeze-like vibrations of the Spirit which is called in the bible as the ‘Cool Breeze of the Holy Spirit’…

Interviewer: Two very interesting thoughts come to my head at this point. One, is it through being Realized that one gets to knowledge of what’s on the other side of death, as it were and two, whether one really through this Realization that one finds a little bit of God inside oneself?

Shri Mataji: That’s the point. Second point is correct. You find God within yourself then your priorities change about knowing about things. You don’t want to know what is beyond life because you come in the present. You are not worried about the past and the future but that also you know because gradually your vision improves… But the main thing that happens to you is that feeling, that universality; just start feeling in the sense that it becomes a part and parcel of your awareness. Just a part and parcel of your awareness. As a human being you have a special awareness for flowers, a special awareness for cleanliness. Animals don’t have. In the same way you go to the point where you just become aware of that you start feeling them around. You start feeling what is right and wrong. For example, if I start telling people, this is sin, then they will do it a hundred times. If I give them realization they will not just do it. They will see. In the night, I am sleeping in this room and there is this snake up here and someone will say there is a snake and I say, no it’s not there, I can’t see. But if you put on the light I’ll just know it’s a snake and I will run away from it…

Interviewer: What is achieved once this awakening happens? I mean, why are we better for it?

Shri Mataji: You see like I told you you are like a light. Now when you are enlightened what happens to you. You see the light. In the light you see yourself. All confusion is finished. You know the Truth, and you feel so blissful and happy because you know everything. There is no chaos, no nothing. You are so relaxed and the power starts flowing through you all the time. It is never lost and you see in this light whatever is good and what ever is bad and you understand everything so well. And when you become the light, what do you do? Is to give the light to others so that they should be enlightened also. But this dead light cannot give light to others in such a way as that light can give to others. But you can, once you are Realized you can make others enlightened. The whole confusion of disintegration, quarrels and political problems and these economic problems and religion, everything will subside absolutely when you are enlightened. Human beings have to be enlightened because they are in darkness. That’s why all these problems are there.

Interviewer: Will the world as we know it cease to exist if we all become enlightened in such a way?

Shri Mataji: It will be flowering then. It would take another shape of beauty and enjoyment, happiness.

Interviewer: The heaven that is so talked about in religious books?

Shri Mataji: Yes…

Interviewer: How long is it going to take to get us there?

Shri Mataji: You see it depends on human beings, how they work it out. That’s all. It’s for them to decide now. You see, they have to take a decision…

Radio Interview, Hong Kong, 1992

2 thoughts on “Beautiful World

  1. CL Patel

    We understand after realisation and going deeper all will absorbe the message of our Mother. We donot know how many are blessed by our Mother to enjoy what She had .
    said. So we have to find the answer within ourselves.

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