Through Art to Purity and Love


If the desire to create goes from your heart and not just mind, the process of creating may purify you and reveal all the best in you. Especially when you are working with natural materials. I am sure you have noticed that hand-made things have something about them because of which it is so pleasant to take them in hands, to have them at home. And it is not only a piece of soul and love of the person who has created them but also the love of the All-pervading power, the vibrations of Paramchaitanya. As when our heart is open, we allow the Creator to use us as his “paintbrush”. It is He who is the real Creator working through us.

And we really felt what I have just described when we crossed the threshold of an ordinary (from outside) building of Saint-Petersburg Children’s Art House. As soon as we had entered it we found ourselves in a real Palace. There was such love and joy, purity and beauty around! It is a world of morality and history, a place to rest from the daily routine of the working days in a big modern city.

Children's Art House

Kids are taught so many things here (for free!): making laces, weaving, embroidery, making things of birchen bark, painting, history of the city, ceramics, origami, making soft toys, painting on wood, video shooting, karate and other sports, design, singing, dancing, etc…

folk art

And the motto of the Children’s Art House says: If there is no Sun in the sky, find it within yourself!

In fact, we came to the studio of ceramics where our friend, Sasha, teaches. Though we came there not to model toys but to take pictures (though since childhood it had been my dream to study modeling from clay). And al the six hours we spent there passed unnoticed.

There is something in the atmosphere of the studio which makes one peaceful, which makes one’s Self joyful.


When you are working with clay, you are dissolving in it and, due to it, you realize sometimes such things which you usually do not notice. All the kids attending the studio changed greatly during those several years. They have become more peaceful and…wiser. By the way, all of them feel vibrations.

That district oа Saint-Petersburg is said to have been on the fist place concerning drug addiction among the children of the 1st form in the 90s. After the Art House had started working, the situation changed. Perhaps, it is just a coincidence but may be love and purity of children’s and teachers’ creative work are spreading in such a way.

For sure, the toy of each child is his/her reflection. All the time while we were taking pictures, the character of each toy was felt very clearly. That is why we did not notice how the time passed – no tiredness that usually appears after long work. Our task was not only to shoot this or that toy but to create a composition from them. In a word, while working we ourselves became like kids playing with dragons, princesses and animals…

And then, when the last shot was made, Sasha suddenly said, “There will be tea now!” And it was sp sweet to hear these words, especially because it was an absolute surprise for me, such a pleasant one! At tea I felt even more dissolved in the atmosphere of the studio because of its vibrations. When the time started approaching seven pm it was so difficult for me to persuade myself that it was time to go home…

Some ceramic characters (made by kids):

(they are not in any special composition already, but we couldn’t but take the pictures of them as well – so much they attracted us)





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